The most popular colors of cars for 2021

The most popular colors of cars for 2021


The American company Axalta Coating Systems, which supplies automotive paints, conducted a traditional survey of the most popular colors in the outgoing year. The championship among car colors all over the world has been held by white for 10 years, but the demand for it is gradually decreasing. At the same time, interest in gray paint is growing rapidly: it has already caught up with black in popularity, and in Europe even bypassed white, becoming the leader of the local rating.

35 percent of all new cars are painted white, the study said. Equal shares – 19 percent each – are for black and gray cars, with the latter growing by four percent since 2020. The fourth and fifth places are occupied by silver and blue colors with a score of nine and eight percent, respectively, followed by red (five percent), brown / beige (three percent), green and yellow (one percent each). The rest scored less than one percent.

White was most popular in 2017, when 39 percent of all new cars were painted in it. This year, it lost three percent, and in the largest car market in the world – China – just seven percent.

Europe is the only region dominated by gray new cars at 27 percent. Silver cars are most popular in South America (23 percent), while blacks are most popular in Europe (22 percent), where they lead the luxury segment. Red cars were the most frequent hitting roads in North America, accounting for eight percent of the market.

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