The most powerful in the history of BMW – the new cross X8 M

The most powerful in the history of BMW – the new cross X8 M


As you know, BMW has recently started road tests of a pre-production prototype of the new X8 crossover. The dense camouflage that covers the Bavarian model still reveals a little details of her appearance. Based on these photos, the independent designer has recreated the look of the future “charged” X8 M, which should be the most powerful product in the history of BMW. But the published renders show that the novelty is not like other models of the Bavarian brand.

BMW X8 M, according to the designer, will receive a grille that will retain the familiar configuration (photo: and But its 2 segments will acquire a pronounced polygon shape, and the inner part will be horizontal lamellas installed at a great distance from each other. BMW X8 M received a very narrow head optics, which is almost invisible due to the embossed body parts. Under it, the developer placed an additional rectangular block with LED lights. Moreover, this solution, also uncharacteristic for BMW models, can be seen on the pre-production X8 prototype.

Cutouts for narrow ventilation openings extend down from the specified block. The bumper of the BMW X8 M in the center protrudes far forward. In this part there are 2 polygonal air intakes, which are partially overlapped by something similar to a side visor and are connected to each other by an additional ventilation hole.

The rear of the BMW X8 M is also decorated in a non-standard style. In addition to the original optics, a textured bumper with a large plastic insert that protrudes backwards and contains 4 exhaust pipes attracts attention here. The latter are taken out by 2 on the sides. Moreover, they are located one above the other. And this stylistic decision can be seen on the BMW X8 prototype. According to rumors, the Bavarian novelty will receive a hybrid installation based on a 4.4-liter twin-turbo engine. Its total output should reach 750 hp.

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