The Most Powerful Mercedes AMG!! | GT 63 S 4Matic+

The Most Powerful Mercedes AMG!! | GT 63 S 4Matic+


With the launch of the new Mercedes AMG GT 63s 4 Door, they have created the most powerful and quickest factory car in their current fleet due to it’s all wheel drive. The car has 639HP and accelerates 0-100km/h in 3.2 seconds – on top of that it’s a 4 door sedan! Once the Project One hits the market, then this will be the most powerful. The car that I tested costs an incredible US$241,000Follow me on:Music by:Vivaldi’s Winter by Mike BlockCat Dance by Man DeLorean

what’s up guys supercouple only here in Switzerland got to keep my voice down a little bit this is a very quiet little town called water and as you can see it is such like the typical Swiss village it’s super super cute and we’re here on the main stretch Here I am with this incredible car the new AMG GT 4-door the cool thing about these car is it has performance top performance it actually has the most powerful engine out of the entire AMG series and it also has long-distance comfort so it’s like the best of both worlds combined and this is what I’ve been driving around in Switzerland for the last couple days and I want to show you what this car is all about if you haven’t subscribed to my channel yet just click that button below the below the picture right now click that button subscribe to the channel give me a quick thumbs up because we’ve got a lot to show you right let’s get started it has been a long month oh no is how I keep on the road filming every day for six weeks off we go hit the road in the new GT photo this car has partial autonomous driving the only other time I’ve experienced something like this is driving a Tesla that’s how like advanced this technology is so what it’s going to do is it’s going to pretty much drive for me pull this button up now it’s driving on its own I’ve taken my foot off the gas and what’s going to happen is it is just going to follow the car in front at the same distance the entire way so if the car in front slows down it will automatically slow down as well and it’s going to keep judging that distance there’s a little green light here that says you need to keep your hands on the wheel at all time but for the purpose of demonstration for two seconds I’m just gonna lift my hands off very quickly and show you how it turns on its own and what it’s doing is it’s following the lane so when the lane turns the car will turn let’s just wait until the next turn here we go look it’s wanting me to put my hands back on the steering wheel it is keeping that distance constantly between me and the van in front if I want to change lanes just try that so I’m just going to put the indicator on to the left and then move the wheel here we go here we go here we go oh so change lanes and then on the left as soon as it got to this Lane here it stopped and stayed in the middle lane now here it goes turning without my help whatsoever can you see the road going left it is doing that all on its own this is pretty much autonomous driving it’s driving on its own I could sit back and do nothing but of course you can’t do that you need to be super aware of what’s actually going on and always keep your hands on the wheel so I just took them off there for a couple of seconds so you can see that I was it was doing this all the nuts no oh now it’s speeding up its speeding up speeding up to 95 kilometers an hour because a car changed out of the lane in front of me there was enough room for it to speed up again and here we are on the on the Autobahn in Switzerland going from Bern to Morton even if you have both hands on the wheel it will light up red every now and again to indicate that you need to let it know you’re still awake and so you just got a nudge the wheel a little bit like toner a tiny bit so it knows that you’re still there in control of the car you make sure that you are in between the lines and that you’ve maintained this a safe distance it is all about safety because especially when you’re tired and you’ve got a three-hour journey ahead of you you’re not always going to concentrate as much as you should on the road and the cars in front of you and around you and behind you and everything and it’s it’s automatically judging everything going on around you so it is May it is super super safe it’s a great feature here which i think is also really cool is you have hot spot keys vs when it’s on means the engine turns off when you are still so stand still it lights for example if you don’t want that if you hate that feature then you can put that as a hot key here and access that really quickly and turn it on or off you see but if that button isn’t important to you then you can change that to something else traction control off for example or straight into sports or open the exhaust so if you like to open the exhaust a lot then you can have that as a key key feature out of all the AMG engines for Mercedes this one is the most powerful and it is in a saloon four-door saloon which you would just never expect the ultimate AMG sports car for example the GTR has 580 horsepower and this one has just less than 640 horsepower in a family saloon four-door saloon you just never would expect that this car has the most powerful AMG engine and I’m sitting here behind the wheel going actually this car has more power than my Lamborghini Huracan this here this is a whole new user interface which is really nice you can see this on the new GTR roadster as well if you haven’t yet seen that video I go check it out the link is in the bio below because this car is a v8 biturbo is center console made to look like a VH these are the separate cylinders so eight cylinders going down like that which is a nice little touch nice one Gordon this is the fastest AMG car and all the AMG s on the market this is the fastest and that’s kind of crazy it cuz you can also fit your entire family in the car so it’s got this one’s got three back seats but we can do is opt in just to have two back seats and have the middle like as a standing middle console for the back as well which is pretty cool here is another cool feature inside this glove box is a perfume bottle now this scent that’s in there is called hashtag AMG you are getting the smell of an AMG true the air vents and you can of course opt not to have that scent or you can opt to have a difference and if you’d like or nothing at all all right you see our soft door closed so you can just gonna go like this and it’ll latch itself the massive boot you can fit at least two good-sized suitcases in here and a lot more now here with these two bottoms what you can actually do is throw these back seats down so you have even more room so let’s just go for that oh there it goes this one hey look it up Wow look at how much room you have been – Troye sings in the back this car has active arrow that refers to usually the wind moving up and down like now this the photo now in a split second what it can do is open all of these vents and feed more air into the car and that can just happen really really quickly now the cool thing is is that this side refers to this screen on the right and then this side of the wheel refers to the screen on the left so here you go press on this and press this one for this screen and screen we got a real crack ball huh nice this has all-wheel steering what that means is the back wheels steer as well as the front wheels so what will happen is at high speeds the back wheels will steer the same direction as the front wheels when it’s going slowly the car these back wheels will steer in the opposite direction of the front wheels so that it helps you corner better at the moment this is an all-wheel drive now the cool thing is is that you can turn it into a rear-wheel drive which allows you to drift which is pretty cool that’s it guys that’s it I hope you’ve enjoyed please like the video hit that thumbs up button love you very much subscribe to my channel and we’ll see you on the next video around and about probably not in Switzerland next time who knows somewhere else in the world with another awesome car for now I love your mouth drop

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