The most powerful Mercedes

The most powerful Mercedes


Mercedes-AMG is preparing for the premiere of its new GT 73 liftback. In the manufacturer’s model line, this car should be the most powerful, not counting the One hypercar.

The new Mercedes-AMG GT 73 will be the production version of the AMG GT Concept, which was shown back in 2017. On the wing added the nameplate “V8 Biturbo E Performance”, and under the hood of the car will be a hybrid installation based on a 4.0-liter engine with two turbines and an electric motor. The total power of the car should reach about 800 hp

The first hundred of the vehicle will take less than 3 seconds, however, only on electricity, the power reserve will reach only about 50 km. In the photos, the GT 73 prototype was shown next to the Formula 1 car and the One hypercar, apparently hinting at the potential of the new product.

By the way, One will be equipped with a gasoline-electric unit based on a 1.6-liter V6 turbo engine, which is installed on the cars of the Mercedes-AMG factory team. It is expected that the Mercedes-AMG GT 73 will be shown this year, and next year will start production of a new car.

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