The most powerful Opel in history is up for sale

The most powerful Opel in history is up for sale


A rare joint model of Opel and Lotus was put up for sale in the UK. This is a charged 30-year-old Omega, which at one time was the second fastest sedan on the planet and remains the most powerful Opel in history among serial ones. Price: almost £ 120,000.

The car was produced in the early 1990s. A total of 950 copies were collected, 320 of which were right-hand drive (they bore the name Lotus Carlton), and the rest – left-hand drive (sold under the name Opel Omega Lotus). All of them were equipped with an in-line “six” with two turbines and 382 forces at 570 Nm of torque.

A rare sedan also received a suspension modified in Lotus and reinforced brakes, as well as a special body kit and wheels. With a car weight of less than 1.7 tons, acceleration to 100 km / h took 5.0-5.5 seconds, Opel-Lotus gained 160 km / h in 11.5 seconds, and its maximum speed exceeded 280 km / h.

In the years of production, the car was the second fastest sedan after the Alpina B10 Bi-Turbo. However, at the same time, Carlton was criticized for its excessive power and was called a dangerous car.

The copy put up for sale became the 28th in a row by Carlton. Since its release in 1991, it has traveled only about 7.3 thousand kilometers, and since 2017 it has been in storage. The condition is assessed as excellent.

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