The most powerful “Quartet” BMW will not “M4”

The most powerful “Quartet” BMW will not “M4”


Bavarian concern has already promised a radical overhaul of the engine range for its flagship 7-series, and it seems that this approach becomes a trend: BMW i4 electric power plant is in danger of becoming not only the most powerful but also the most powerful member of the family.

According to the publication Autocar, the production version of electromedia (which, however, is marketed as the “four-door coupe”) will receive two electric motors zooporno capacity of about 525-530 HP and number newtonmetres in the area of 815 years. The official specifications of the BMW M4, meanwhile, is still not released, but according to rumors, the coupe will get a row “six” with the recoil a little more than 500 HP from the BMW X4 M Competition.


Thus, the superiority of the electric vehicle horsepower will be almost nominal – about 20. But far more important are the extra two hundred Nm of torque. In addition, due to the nature of electric motors, the maximum thrust will be available to pilot the BMW i4 from scratch, whereas the petrol engine of the family S58 goes into this mode only after reaching 2 600 rpm.

Of course, a significant difference will smooth out the fact that the BMW i4 will be noticeably heavier than the BMW M4 through a set of batteries. However, the Bavarians have already announced for the BMW i4 Concept the acceleration time up to hundreds in 4 seconds, and there is no reason to doubt that the serial chetyrehdverki will be just as fast. Finally, the BMW i4 will be able without a drop of gasoline to drive on a single charge up to 600 km to Start selling electric car the Bavarians are planning next year.

PS: as the main illustration used informal rendering serial BMW i4.

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