The most reliable on the secondary: a new rating from the Germans

The most reliable on the secondary: a new rating from the Germans


The German “Association for Technical Supervision” (VdTUV), which is considered one of the most respected organizations in Europe, has presented the next, twenty-fourth, reliability rating of used cars officially sold in Germany – “TUV Report 2021”.

This rating of used car reliability was compiled on the basis of technical inspection and maintenance data, as well as the number of breakdowns with a particular mileage. In total, about 9 million used cars were checked.

As in the previous year, the absolute leader in the TUV 2021 used car reliability rating was the premium crossover Mercedes-Benz GLC – it was he who turned out to be the most problem-free representative of the age category “from 2 to 3 years”, since its owners are only 1.7 % of cases had to go to a car service to fix one or another breakdown (and with an average mileage of 56,000 kilometers).

The second position was shared by three models at once with an indicator of 2.2% – Mercedes-Benz B-Class, Opel Insignia and Porsche 911 (with a mileage of 37,000, 37,000 and 24,000 kilometers, respectively). Next comes Mercedes-Benz CLS – its “reliability parameters” were 2.4% and 28,000 kilometers. The sixth line was shared by the Audi Q2 (2.5%, 36,000 kilometers) and the Hyundai i30 hatchback, which broke down in 2.5% of owners during the first 2-3 years of operation, and the average mileage at the time of breakdowns was 34,000 kilometers. p>

Mercedes A-Klasse (2.6%, 42,000 kilometers), Mazda CX-3 (2.7%, 36,000 kilometers) and Mercedes C-Klasse (2.8%, 55,000 kilometers). As for outsiders, among them were such models as Dacia Duster (11.1%), Dacia Lodgy (10.9%) and Fiat Punto (10.5%).

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