The most unusual serial Toyota – Olympic ven APM

The most unusual serial Toyota – Olympic ven APM

Summer Olympics 2020, which will go in Tokyo, Toyota has prepared a unique electric minivan APM. It will be released in an edition of 200 copies.

Everything new is well forgotten old: the USSR on the basis of the Latvian “Rafikov” doing riding trains with open sides through which the landing-landing of passengers was as quickly as possible. Such “trains” rolling on the ENEA and Olipiyskaya the village was served by a number of other major Union events and exhibitions. And that’s Toyota for the Olympics in Japan built their version of riding the “bus” with the amendment, of course, on the modern realities.

Olympic van in Japanese, got English name Accessible People Mover or APM abbreviated, it is translated as “available human Transporter”. This means that the use of the van, any guest of the competition without any restrictions – a child, a pregnant woman, retired, a wheelchair. At a length of 3.9 m, width 1.6 m and height 2.0 m APM is ready to carry up to five passengers. Rear sofa double, medium triple. The driver sits front and center for a better, symmetric visibility.

The average sofa if needed, tumbles forward and frees up space for a wheelchair – she goes to the salon by a retractable ramp and locked in place by special anchor. If necessary, the APM can quickly turn into a medical vehicle, which will fit one stretcher and two attendants.

The APM and the movement of riders from unauthorized lateral movement insure only the handrails. The maximum speed is limited at 19 km/h, so that overloads can not be afraid, no driving will not be thrown out – unless specifically. Seat belts and head restraints are not provided.

In motion Toyota APM provides electric powertrain, specifications of which have not been disclosed. We only know that the total battery charge is enough for 100 kilometers. Turning radius of only 4.8 m. one of the interesting features that are not marked in the press release, but is noticeable in the illustrations, scroll spring loaded tire without air.

Given that Toyota APM to move in a closed limited area, a little strange that the van is not equipped with a system of Autonomous driving – apparently, to go with a person behind the wheel while more reliable, especially as the “driver” is not only taxis, but also helps people with disabilities to take their place in the cabin.

Electric conveyor belt – one of several prepared by Toyota for the Olympic games of cars and, probably, the most utilitarian and boring. Subsequent changes would be much more interesting – wait!

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