The most useless camper for $250,000

The most useless camper for $250,000


Outdoor activities manufacturer Db has unveiled the Discoverberry kit. It includes the Porsche Taycan Cross Turismo all-terrain station wagon, equipped with a roof top tent and other outdoor equipment – albeit short-lived judging by the number of items. The mini-camper was estimated at 250 thousand dollars.

The included burgundy and eggplant trappings are part of the Db Raspberry Edition line. In addition to the electric vehicle itself, Discoverberry includes a rooftop tent with a volume of 2385 liters, a 60-liter suitcase on wheels, a backpack with a volume of 30 liters and a camping kit: a folding table with a chair, a ladder and other essential items. There is an additional diode “chandelier” in front.

The cost of the Taycan Cross Turismo in the top version of the Turbo S costs $ 188,950, and separately for the backpack and suitcase Db asks for $ 488. Thus, the tent, body paint, “chandelier” and a set are estimated at at least $ 61,562, and if we consider that the basis is taken the most expensive electric car – whether this is so is unknown.

This amount is enough to purchase a motorhome with a full-fledged living unit instead of a tent, which will have a large sleeping place, a kitchen, a toilet, water tanks and electrical appliances.

Last week, Porsche unveiled the Taycan Sport Turismo station wagon, which lost its off-road surroundings and the Cross attachment. For the tarmac-oriented electric vehicle, bike rack mounts, roof rails and Sunshine Control for the roof are available to adjust transparency thanks to liquid crystal film.

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