The Most Wanted BMW | 3.0 CSL Hommage R

The Most Wanted BMW | 3.0 CSL Hommage R


I was invited to the home of BMW to take a look at the BMW 3.0 CSL Hommage R! Personally, I’ve never been able to rev a concept car before, and what I heard was music to my ears! We take a look around this car, and other super rare and cult worthy cars in this vid. Thanks for watching always guys. Much love, Alex xxSpecial thanks to Domagoj Dukec, Benjamin Voss and @BMW #CSLHommageRFollow me on

here in Germany I got something really special to show you this car right here do you know what this is this has like a cult following it was produced in the 70s and this particular version was dubbed the Batmobile because it came with a cool like body kit that actually wasn’t legally sold here in Germany so what they did is when you bought these car this did not come off the production line with the wing attached they actually put it in the boot of the car and you have to get the wing out yourself after you purchase the car and attach it yourself they only produced 167 of these cars this could go for around half a million dollars this is like the production version you could drive this on the road around in the 70s that’s when it came out then what they did is they had a racecar version of the see yourself I know the BMW fans watching this are just going crazy right now you know what it was like when this came out people were just like holy hell over 200 horsepower looks pretty cool I think we’re done here because we’ve got two other cars that I want to show you that I know especially for the BMW fans will definitely definitely want to see so the bigger the wing is faster you go right we never get to see that up do you on any car that was the first it’s the first time right that’s the first thing I guess BMW never build this one again never done again no I mean fact this wasn’t meant as a serial production card it was a research BMW resource and they build it trying to work out what would be how it’s gonna look and if it’s gonna work and then it got so much attention and the Board of Management they liked it so much yes okay let’s do a limited production yeah and they did 8,000 units of it why have we not seen doors like disappear into the body again that’s so cool it’s quite not that comfortable to stay always so I would just like I’m put I’m comfortable with being uncomfortable stepping into the car right company it’s not the priority here to drive this car with doors down really yeah it’s got the registration it’s got the homologation that you can drive four doors down you’re not gonna like bang your car door against another car to car either in the parking lot isn’t that you have to worry about I don’t know about you guys but I just love little cool little features like that where else do you get to see it tada all right I’m gonna talk them through both of these cars let’s just start here really quickly I know a lot of you will know exactly what this car is but for those of you who don’t know this is like the racing version of the CSL production car that we just saw like the Batmobile this car did super super well in the 70s when it was racing like it won so many european championships also wanted in its class at l’amour in 73 and basically people could buy a road car that looked pretty much exactly like the race car that was winning all of these championships usually I don’t cover these kind of cars on my channel right so this is where we get to the kind of supercar blondie version car basically it pays homage to the racing version of the CSL so this sticker here it says the Varian motor works right when they enter the u.s. racing scene they actually just had BMW on their racing cars right and when they asked Americans well what does BMW stand for they all kind of guess that it stood for British Motor Works like mm-hmm this is kind of a problem this isn’t working for us at all so what they had to do is make it very very clear that a didn’t stand for British Motor Works in the American market so they actually wrote Bavarian motor works this is a touch from the future not a mirror at all a camera which we’ve come to expect with kind of concept cars haven’t we if they have a side mirror like a classic side mirror like this now you won’t see the steering wheel in a racing car in the 70s look at this look how tiny it is and this is really cool this kind of like you drop this it draws you in all the way down here to your a little screen here at the front and then you’ve got this big screen here all the way across the front – they’ve got the picture of the track here Laguna Seca track because in 75 they won and that was the first year that they actually took the CSL over into the US market to race this fire extinguisher here would push the extinguishing component straight through into the engine in front of you and you just do that with the switch here and this one here is the power kill switch so you’ve got those kind of racing elements to the car as well you’ve got the helmets here in the back all right and I think everyone just wants to hear what it sounds like right because we do the exhaust is on that side are you ready ready I’m gonna Rev a concept car never said that before Oh well I’m strapping myself in to a concept car because actually I know do a little flying start I’m with Christian who is going to strap up because he fears for his safety and jumped we’re just gonna do a little little flooring session and I want a car this is pretty cool this is a concept car with 500 horsepower I was awesome huh what did you think of it sounds also actually drives that’s how it sounds in here a special treat boy come on Omar come join us this is your baby thank you so much this is da McCoy everyone this is the Head of Design at BMW it is so nice to finally meet with you and to talk to you about your babies we’re always talking just to market now you’re in the spotlight so this is your moment and we got to talk about this car behind us right now because you were you were heavily involved in the design of this car right yeah at that time I was head of the exterior design right and I think 2015 and now you’re the head of design who exactly right at the top so I just wanted to talk to you a little bit about some of the design features that you’ve chosen on the car obviously this is a homage to the racing car of the 70s the bits and pieces that you chose to reflect that obviously the wing at the back right the the body kit here at the front exactly is there anything else that you definitely wanted to bring from that car into this car I mean design process you know it doesn’t work really like this because there are like designers and everybody who loves BMW also in the design team they know this car yeah and this is like a interpretation of it because I think what is really important is to bring like heritage to present right now because just heritage alone doesn’t worth anything but to make this car really iconic and BMW and you have somehow to transfer to modernity modern day and so it’s something you know there were different things like this is really cool how these kind of is woven into the hood it’s woven in the hood yeah that’s normally on an on a sports car you would just have added body kit to make it wider like racecars right but of course as we want also to talk because this was presented on the concourse of the eleganza and then of course you want to talk also about aesthetic because today you have different possibilities in in working with materials and so this is like an interpretation of just an brutal race car yeah in a very sleek way absolutely love is the taillight here joins in to the spoiler that is cool how did you come up with that I ate yeah it has exactly that’s true this floating taillight yeah because you should see really the aerodynamic design in the shape yeah and we wanted somehow to show the link between our heritage and our most progressive Sportster you know and there’s some Oh all melted together and then to see how because design and everything what is like emotional and you talk everyday about cars yeah everybody loves it because of emotions you have to some how to create emotions and I mean this is just something what makes a very strong graphic in the pack and BMW is just known by this for around headlines right which was a very characterful graphic but of course you have to transfer to today and this is also very characterful doesn’t matter if it’s like this or double rolled it is just to have a very strong character yeah yeah I mean if you’re sitting in the traffic light and you saw this in front of you damn what is that I’ve never seen this before this is crazy exactly this is what you should feel yeah and this is what we found today is one of the coolest things is not it has a real engine in it as a concept car which is crazy this sounds amazing this is the exhaust here on the side I also want to point out the wheels because you have this polished wheels and then it has to be always flush in one direction you know like all these wheels they have always like one surface but here you have a three-dimensional surface and this is all by milling so we can we take a wheel and it’s so expensive because you mail every spoke alright here’s the most important question yeah when can I buy one yeah when you have enough money oh okay all right so hang on a minute and I’m gonna ask is this concept at the moment is this something that could actually come to market like this I mean if we have some buyers you know if you find why not really I mean this is I mean what is the most exclusive thing is like coachbuilder yeah I mean we we want to bring our dreams under rosey this is the thing you guys concept cars we all go oh my car looks amazing love least desire love this feature and then when the cart and the next car comes to market looks nothing like the concept and sometimes we get frustrated because it’s like the concept looks so cool but it doesn’t ever like come to real life but what you’re saying is this car right in front of us could actually be built in exactly the same way right if you want to buy it put it for your comments down underneath this video let’s get a community together and make this happen we could do it yeah of course and just wait okay I gotta bring the customers okay I’m your first one all right you got one already so I’m done thanks so much for watching guys please like the video subscribe to the supercar blondie family massive thank you to BMW for bringing me here to look at their incredible concept car and all of the other cars we got to see in their massive thank you to you Dom Magoo thank you so much for being here with us speaking to the supercar blondie family all right guys that’s it thank you so much for watching I think we’re out love you bye

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