The motor in the “Da”: how it works, what gives?

The motor in the “Da”: how it works, what gives?


From the beginning of 2020, the Ukrainian owners were able to evaluate the benefit of innovative apps “Da”. Now you can leave the documents at home, but the electronic version is perfectly “fit” in the smartphone.

Despite the modern approach to document management, many motorists frustrated by the fact that to buy CTP in electronic form, as downloaded in the app – not. In may, the situation has changed. The motor was in “Du”.

All the documents of a motorist in one app

How often have you had an unpleasant situation when half way to work I remember that I had left at home license, registration and insurance? Had to go back over documents, hoping that no one finds out about this nasty penalty. Agree, the phone stays home with smaller probability. It is always at hand, and it and application “De” where one license, registration and insurance.


Convenient online service is available for download in the AppStore and GooglePlay. From the first days of its existence to download the rights of the motorist and the registration certificate of your vehicle was not difficult. More than 300 thousand Ukrainians have evaluated the usability of the app, and those who have updated to version 1.7.2, you can see the status of their insurance.

Insurance – one of the essential documents of the driver

It is worth Recalling that according to the Law of Ukraine “About insurance”, every owner of a vehicle must have a valid insurance policy. CTP insures the civil liability and avoids the serious financial expenses in case of an accident. Depending on the situation, a motorist without insurance the police can issue a fine:

  • 425 UAH. if the insurance policy is there, but the driver cannot present it to us;
  • 850 UAH. if insurance expired;
  • 850 UAH. if compulsory insurance is not decorated.

As the motor gets in “Du”

You prefer to make a paper agreement insurance or order auto insurance on the aggregator web site where a large selection of insurance companies and good prices? Each of these policies suitable to test police officers. The only difference is that for the entry into force of the “outline” of the agreement will take several days, and e-policy is ready for operation immediately after purchase. An electronic contract comes to e-mail and does not need to be printed, which is convenient and fast.


Traditionally, the CTP check is carried out by the police through an online database of MTIBU by a unique code. In the app “Da” you have a valid car insurance is reflected by a moving pink line that reads – “Strahovi pools of disney”. When the action of CTP is completed, the row will become yellow, and the inscription will change to “Strahovi pools of medicne”.

Thanks to the app “Da” you can easily keep track of when the action of your insurance and quickly order a new one, or extend the contract.

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