The network got the image of the first electric Hummer HX

The network got the image of the first electric Hummer HX


Future electric SUV will be able to compete with the recently debuted electropica Tesla Cybertruck.

Hummer HX comes back to life as a reliable electric SUV that can not only compete with Tesla Cybertruck, but to exceed it. The basis for the Hummer HX was a concept two-door SUV of General Motors, debuted at the North American international auto show 2008. From this concept car, can I borrow the design for the new electric Hummer.

Some experts believe that the Hummer has all the chances to succeed as electric brand. Others fear that GM could revive a Hummer to justify the ultra-high price when new electric car will come to market.


While it is difficult to imagine that fans of electric cars will be to consider the electric Hummer to buy, given the history of the brand. It is possible that the manufacturer will offer two versions of the electric Hummer – with a loading platform and without it. To present a new promise at the end of 2021.

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