The network has shown front-engined Zaporozhets

The network has shown front-engined Zaporozhets

Few people know that the brand is not the first front engine and front-wheel drive development ZAZ. Until she had several prototypes, but the earliest among them is US-0107 1966.

About US-0107 said in Facebook-community “Ukrainian avtomobl”. In appearance it is very reminiscent of the ZAZ-966, which is not surprising – the Cossacks took the body.

But all the stuffing in the prototype is different. The fact that in the US in those years, actively studying the construction of the first Mini and the engineers liking, front-wheel drive layout with a transverse engine.

That is the scheme used in the US-0107. Its equipped with 1.4-liter engine from Moskvich-408. Interestingly, especially for cars has created a new transmission and clutch and 4-speed transmission placed in the sump of the engine.

The front suspension performed on the wishbone with torsion bars and the rear – trailing. However, during the tests it turned out that Cossack with a front-engine layout is crude and unreliable, but because of the development of the model refused.

Have You already traveled to the “Zaporozhets”?

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