The network has shown UAZ “Loaf” on steroids

The network has shown UAZ “Loaf” on steroids


In the Internet appeared photos of unusual wazowski “Loaf”. The machine is notable for the fact that about 1.5 times the original size of the van!

Gigantic proportions the car can only be described as “Loaf” on steroids. Amid the usual UAZ-2206 (which is next) it actually looks “normal”.

How to write media overblown “Loaf” belongs to the head of one of then corrective labour colonies. About the car it is only known that it is 40 cm wider and 100 mm longer than the original, and instead of the standard transmission installed gearbox from Mitsubishi Pajero. Also in the photo you can notice that she has three wipers (instead of two), off-road wheels and a massive bumper.


However, some netizens doubt that “Loaf” on steroids exists. It is not excluded that it is “the product of photoshop”. Although in General the car looks realistic, besides, filmed it from two angles. Therefore, most likely, the Oise still exists.

Earlier UAZ has published exclusive photos of an upgraded version of the “Loaves” that were prepared by Ukrainian specialists. The car is substantially different from the original van.

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