The Network showed images of a six-wheeled Bugatti Chiron SS

The Network showed images of a six-wheeled Bugatti Chiron SS


The designer imagined how it could look like a luxury hypercar with a couple extra wheels.

Perhaps the only place where you may need the car with the wheel formula 6×6 is off-road. However, the designer presented a similar car in the form of the hypercar Bugatti Chiron SS 6×6.


Despite the absurdity of the Bugatti Chiron 6×6 SS, this car could take pride of place in the garages of collectors. However, such a hypercar, there would be many disadvantages, because the installation of 6×6 certainly would increase the mass of the car, and the Bugatti Chiron weight is a critical parameter. In addition, would have increased the service prices, and the efficiency of the power plant decreased. But the most much of this processing would affect the handling. Due to the fact that the car was much longer it would have complicated cornering and reduced maneuverability. The positive features include a better grip, but it likely would not have played the role because of the increased weight.

Concept Bugatti Chiron SS 6×6 represented Aksyonov Nikita looks much longer than usual Bugatti Chiron. This concept is very interesting, but the chances of release of such vehicle, is almost zero.

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