The Network showed perfect Lincoln Continental 1980

The Network showed perfect Lincoln Continental 1980


Typically, these models are not in great demand among collectors, but this copy is in good condition.

In the Network exposed for sale Lincoln Continental Mark VI which was built in 1980 and is celebrating its 40th anniversary. For the car ask for the impressive amount of 27 $ 900. By the way, approximately for the same money you can purchase a new Lincoln Continental. This instance has low mileage – only 2 549 kilometers. Not to mention its history – the first owner purchased it in 1980 and began to operate. He managed to pass 2 414 km, and then died suddenly. After this machine for a long time kept in a heated garage until it was purchased again.

The new owner of a slightly modernized machine, improving the air conditioning system, and conducted full maintenance. In 2012 Lincoln Navigator gained the third owner, and after his death was acquired by Vanguard Motor Sales, which now sells it and.


The high cost is due not only to the history of the machines, but also its excellent condition. It has low mileage and always kept in warm garage.

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The body is made in a beautiful light beige shade, and seat upholstered in leather white color. All this gives the car an expensive look. Note digital instrument panel, a radio and a decent sound system. As the power plant uses the 5.8-liter engine with recoil 140 HP, which works with 4-speed automatic transmission and rear drive system. Experts suggest that the car is in such good condition will quickly find a buyer.

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