The Network showed the first electric car ZAZ

The Network showed the first electric car ZAZ


Zaporizhia automobile building plant at the time, produced several popular models. But many interesting cars and did not get into production. Among them is the electric car, created on the base of ZAZ-968.

In the early 1970-ies of the designers Zaza “lit up” the idea of creating an electric car. Even then, it was believed that the future just for this mode of transport.

As a result, in 1973, in Kiev in a single instance has experimental electric car built on the base of ZAZ-968. He looks a little different from the standard version. For example, he had a chrome grille false radiator.

Zaporizhia electric vehicle equipped with motor of 4 kW. Up to 60 km/h it accelerates for 8 seconds. On one charge of the batteries he was able to drive 100 km, which is very good for the 1970-ies. Incidentally, some urban electric cars, especially Chinese, and have roughly the same range.

As you know, doesn’t mass-produced electric cars. Which is a pity. Apparently, Zaporozhye designers and engineers can be considered one of the pioneers of “green” technologies in the automotive industry.

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