The New 2022 Rolls Royce Ghost Black Badge

The New 2022 Rolls Royce Ghost Black Badge


This is the world premiere of the new 2022 Rolls Royce Ghost Black Badge. The first ever Rolls Royce Ghost with a light up grille and the most powerful Ghost yet. We flew to London to get a first look at this new beautiful car.Special thanks to @Rolls-Royce Motor Cars Presented by #rollsroyce #blackbadge #ghost #blackbadgeghost

behind me is a rolls royce you guys have never seen before because it hasn’t been revealed to the public i’m in a top secret location on the outskirts of london this is the 2022 rolls-royce ghost black badge first thing you guys are going to notice is the overall darker theme of this car that’s because this is the black badge and you guys don’t know what a black badge is it’s basically the traditional rolls-royce’s you know darker sportier cooler alter ego think of it like this you know alex is the beautiful elegant classy rolls-royce supercar blondie and the black badge right coming close this right here is the darkest black in the car industry there’s actually 45 kilos of paint on this car right now look let me turn let me turn the camera around you weigh about what like 50 kilos imagine imagine inca’s entire body mass is more or less about the same amount of paint as we have on here the super deep black acts kind of like a canvas and contrast to bring out the coach line so take a look at the coach line and for those of you that don’t know this is actually hand painted there’s someone i don’t know where they find these people but there’s someone that can actually literally just paint it in a straight line like if i if i had to do that it would look like uh you know when you go to the hospitals and you have your patients in the bed they have the heartbeat monitor the beep if i were to paint this it would look like the patient’s uh very alive all right let’s go forward one of the first things that’s going to strike you is that you have a light up grill for the first time with the ghost so what’s interesting is that obviously the outside is chrome plated good you know gives a nice little reflection but the back of it has been blasted to reduce the shine because it would become so bright that it would actually be a third light which is actually illegal so uh they blasted the back and what happens is during the day the grill because it picks up the reflection from the surroundings it looks black but at night you get this perfect balance of a light up grill and this is my new favorite part of this car i have a light up grill in my bmw and i always thought wow that’s my absolute favorite feature at night time now you get it with the ghost looks absolutely incredible especially on the black over here we’ve got the spirit of ecstasy if you guys thought that they just put a light layer of paint over this and made it black no no you’re wrong they literally adjusted the chrome plating process added new elements to literally darken the material take a look at how amazing the front just looks in general right coming inside these are 21 inch rims so the rims have 22 layers of carbon fiber and on the edges they actually fold back which gives you 44 layers of carbon fiber so there’s a lot more going on here than initially meets the eye i mean in my first ever car i had about one layer of plastic but i guess that wasn’t a rolls royce the moment you have all been waiting for it’s time to open the doors let’s see what’s inside [Laughter] this looks amazing get in there the first thing you’re gonna see is obviously the amazing combination of darker colors you have the starlight roof i think with the starlight roof what i would recommend rollerskates for next year is to have a little hidden camera you know like on on the roof because every time that someone comes in and sees the twilight roof the first thing that they do is just like uh you know oh my god you got to get like a little little camera to get everyone’s reaction make a little bit of a of a compilation of the reaction when they see it right so because you have the black badge you’re gonna get the infinity symbol right there the infinity logo represents the infinite possibilities obviously when you get this thing this is a super super modifiable car you can change just about everything that you want in here let me just show you how amazing this interior is all these different textures and on the passenger seat you have the infiniti logo with all the stars super super cool this right here i thought was an electronic display it’s not this is actually a piece of wood with a very thin sheet of veneer over it and you have 850 individual stars illuminating it i mean this thing it’s wood what it’s absolutely crazy because obviously the electronic screen would have been the easy way out but this is rolls royce all right i want to show you guys something really cool of course we’re going to open this because you have of course your umbrella rolls-royce umbrella now uh you won’t be using this in dubai very much uh so maybe i don’t know maybe they could install like a little little water fountain for hydration or something i guess you can use this for the sun a sunbrella something like that let’s put this in here because the next coolest feature on the door you have to see from the inside so go around go around the side all right so to open it uh who wants to push the door when you can just pull the handle pull it once it’ll half open make sure that the coast is clear you pull it again how cool is that that is awesome and of course to close it have your little button back here see that says door right there all you gotta do is press door there you go easy as that over here we have our little table get some work done and your monitor this is super cool it’s like right so over here you press this button oh yeah so now you have like a mini center console in the back where you can adjust your music your different options you can control the car from the back this is super super cool you can obviously adjust your seats and let’s see if we have it there it is the secret compartment for your champagne that’s sick let’s hop outside because actually i’ll go out this way you saw me closing the door from the inside if you want to do it from the outside you actually have a sensor come over here get your thumb out all you got to do put on there for a few seconds it’ll close by itself that is cool that is absolutely amazing i am going to put on the road right now and test it out because this thing has almost 600 horsepower we actually have a we have a little airstrip right there that’s where we’re going to take it let’s see what happens so that’s the one we just saw we have one there waiting all right test it out all right let’s see what this can do so basically this is like an airstrip right now uh it is in the middle of nowhere i mean we are in uh in a top secret location literally uh there’s nothing else around here and we’re gonna push it a little bit i’m doing 57 59 miles an hour already oh my goodness okay i’m doing seven this is feeling really uh okay wow oh man oh my goodness this feels like it shouldn’t be possible i just have wow all right so now we’re somewhere in the outskirts of london i have no idea where we are but i’ve been driving on the other side of the road uh yeah it feels a bit unnatural but this ride is silky smooth honestly look the second that i raised the window it’s absolutely dead silent can’t hear anything it’s almost unsettling it’s bizarrely bizarrely silent anyways we’re gonna go ahead and event we’re gonna wrap it up what do you guys think how sick is this car make sure you guys like the video and subscribe to supercar blondie or as the french say supe blondier subscribe i’ll see you guys next time

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