The New $9m Bugatti Centodieci!

The New $9m Bugatti Centodieci!


This is the first look at the new Bugatti Centodieci. The car is limited to 10 units with a $9 million price tag!

okay if you’re not already sitting down let’s sit down this is the new Bugatti Shen this is this is the new Bugatti gentle DHE I think we should just do it let’s just go straight into it let’s see this Bugatti for the very first time we’re gonna go through the images they sent us which has been under embargo until literally just this minute that this video has been uploaded and make sure to subscribe to my channel guys if you haven’t yet pressed that subscribe button right now because it’s ready but to see the coolest cars the most insane reveals and one is about to happen right now okay this is the new Bugatti Center DHE which literally translates from Italian to 110 all right okay oh okay not what I was expecting this is to celebrate the EB 110 because when it came out in the 90s it actually broke many world records so they like look this is one of the coolest Bugattis that we have and we want to celebrate that model by bringing it back again let’s have a look at it because I had the pleasure of seeing an EB 110 for the very first time they don’t have like that very signature see that you see the sea line on the Sheeran or on the Veyron it’s kind of more squarish like this right because they had to incorporate that design detail that the EP 110 has those kind of air intakes there on the side I do love the lights how they come across like this they’re not on the very edge of the car it’s almost like beautiful cat eyes coming down like that so I quite like that the front though how there’s like three different levels of air intake it kind of looks like a Bugatti with lots of body kits which is not my favorite thing I’m sorry oh I do love Bugatti but just looking at that it I think it could look a little sleeker this looks a little bit like quite um bulky and masculine in a way I just know the sheer on is so sleek all the lines are so beautiful and sleek that this is quite like broken up into bits so that’s interesting that they’ve gone that way do I like the round air intake design features on the side I don’t think it looks very modern but I understand that they had to put it there because they had to celebrate that original design feature on the EB 110 so I get that you know what I feel like I’m being a bit too negative about the design right now I really want to see it in real life which actually I have just seen as you’re watching this it has had its global reveal I’m at the global reveal and what I’m doing right now is actually filming a whole video if you guys right around the car this is just the first little bit that I wanted to surprise you with as soon as the release came out but I will have a video if you guys really really soon on the actual car and my view about it may change completely so let’s just see I really like the back I love the rear diffuser I think it looks beautiful the exhaust tips like four on two on either side like that that looks good I like how they are one on top of the other which is quite cool I love the staccato line of the lights at the back I think that’s cool and the wing yeah I mean it’s another ode to the EB 110 right personally I’m not a fan of like huge wings but I think on this it has to be there so that’s kind of my summary what do you guys think let me know in the comments this is the very first look of the new cinta DHE the latest Bugatti that they have and all of them have been sold of course already what I appreciate is that they’ve had to take a car from the 90s and revamp it and take it into the future style ways and also incorporate all of the new technology from the Chiron and put all of that together that is not an easy feat I just want to see it like in real life I’m desperate to see this now because I think it’s really difficult to tell from any pictures but when I first saw I was like I am I was not expecting that so let’s talk about its engine what are we working with it’s a w16 8 liter engine and it has 1600 horsepower which is about a hundred horsepower more than the bugatti chiron 0 to 100 2.4 seconds which is about the same as the Sheeran the top speed is cut electronically it’s cut off at 380 kilometres an hour all right make sure to hit the subscribe button because you’ll be one of the first to know when my video of this car is launched on the channel right now I’m actually filming it so that’s gonna come on my channel really soon also a discussion with the designer Frank he’s gonna be on my channel again we all love Frankie he’s awesome so I’m gonna discuss that with him that’s coming out on my channel make sure to stay tuned to that and also if you want to see the whole Bugatti lineup what they have released previously go check it out the links to those videos are in the description below I’ve got my stickers I’ve got my cabs I’ve got my t-shirts no things are coming things are coming the store is now open for the caps you can grab yourself a supercar blondie cap and when t-shirts are coming out really really soon so stay tuned for that super come a blondie t-shirts and I think that’s it so I hope you enjoyed this little quick reveal of Bugattis latest model all right love you peeps thanks for joining the supercar blondie family I’m out

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