The New Aston Martin DBS Superleggera!

The New Aston Martin DBS Superleggera!


This is the latest Aston Martin DBS Superleggera with a V12 and 715HP!Follow me on:

a smart drive you’re in I am so excited I’ve never driven this before this is the first time and let’s start her up I want to hear ready different dimmed blinkers here as we call them a little bit more sporting the DB 11 is much more curved but essentially yeah the core of the car is is the same it’s the chassis enhancements and it’s the operated powertrain is to stronger gearbox different final drive so again all of these things are sort of part of the ingredients that we play with yeah to help us give us the different character from a deep 11 and the Vantage let’s see how she goes lots of gurgling so at slowest speeds the back kind of plays around a little bit but once you’re getting up to some decent speed and you’re going around these corners it sticks to the road beautifully because about a hundred and fifty kilos of downforce and hang on I’ll get back to you for another car with 150 kilos of downforce you would need like quieter being weak at the back this doesn’t really have a big wing they’ve just done incredible engineering with the air intake on the either bottom by the side that really makes the car group to the road and you can feel it on these roads it’s not slipping out out this is like the Wild West out here huh I just realized quite a lot of space there who you go you carry ready for your weapons weapon well like my legs sake what did what are your weapon my glasses in my lipstick dangerous dangerous but you can fit your kids in the back and talk to them about how cool your car is looking out this car has 715 horsepower now you listening kids kids use me Mommy has a fast car you will be embarrassed rocking up from to your school in this ecology there recruiting pretty damn cool my mom always used to love rocking up in the worst car ever to come and pick me up from school she would love it she would have the time of her life rocking up in a 20 year old Mitsubishi Lancer with rust on the roof just because she could just to embarrass us as kids she’s so evil if you want to know more about that mom watched it Super Cup on this crazy family link in the description and she’s got the best like evil off for commenting is so I’m in sixth year telling me to go out seventh eight years I remember my old Mitsubishi Lancer had five and by the time you got to wat ATK now you’d already be in fifth gear struggling nothing wrong with that I love my little Lancer but that just goes to show you what an incredible difference something like this is to you know a run-of-the-mill standard car they gets it for me to be aware driving in 8th gear top speed what 211 miles per hour so what if we work that out to be 300 and maybe 240 kilometers an hour sometimes I have to like really pinch myself and think about just a few years ago when my everyday car was a rental is centimeter and now I’m driving these incredible incredible a super boss you’ve just got to come back down to reality and and think my god this really is not normal to be driving a car like this is something incredibly special and this is like the top-of-the-range Aston Martin and I just look around myself and it’s just so plush and so beautiful and I’m so lucky to be in these cars so often but every single time I get into one of these cars I just need to reset and just think how incredible it really is to be surrounded in such luxury that’s one of the one things that I really really love about and you know besides the sound and the way it drives is just the luxury inside I don’t it’s like the pinnacle of luxury I’m not sure if it gets better than this like if you just take a look at this stitching in this pattern yeah like there’s just so much detail that goes into the interior this here I think that’s the College carbon-fiber and what we learn about this is it’s the same it has the same strength as the other carbon fiber that you normally kind of goes in lines like this has the same strength but it’s actually a slightly lighter what I love about the DBS is the front grille and it’s like when awayƶ shock keeps its mouth open for fish this car keeps its mouth open for as much air as possible straight in here all the way through I’ll give up so here here’s that airflow you can see where’s it go ah here you see that it goes all the way from there through here and then through the boot space yeah that’s it I hope you’ve enjoyed learning a little bit more about the DBS the newest asked a month on the market top of the range and I’m today big big thanks to Aston Martin here in Dubai please like the video subscribe to my channel I’ve got so much more coming I’m out

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