The new Audi 5 E-Tron is seen on the roads


Western publications have published photos showing a camouflaged prototype of the Audi Q5 E-Tron electric crossover. Apparently, the new 2023 model year already has a production body.

The German company Audi is already testing a new zero-emission crossover. Foreign journalists were in the right place at the right time to take the first series of shots of the Q5 E-Tron electric crossover.

This prototype appears to have all the final body panels already on it, although it lacks the lower front grille and these basic taillights are just a temporary solution used during testing. You can easily tell that this is an electric car, not only by the absence of visible tailpipes, but also by the closed front grille, since there is no internal combustion engine that requires cooling.

Although the test sample of the German novelty is completely wrapped in camouflage, you can already tell that the electric crossover looks significantly different than the current models of the Audi Q family with internal combustion engines.

Regarding the name for the new item, logic tells us that it will be called the Q5 E-Tron, as this name was previously mentioned in an internal Audi document published in November 2020. A screenshot from this PDF shows that Audi plans to introduce the crossover in 2022, along with the next generation Porsche Macan. Both vehicles will ride on the Premium Platform Electric (PPE) platform, reserved for medium and larger electric vehicles.

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