The New Audi A6. One that you don’t need

The New Audi A6. One that you don’t need


Today, the situation in which a well-stocked car cost twice as much as the basic version is no longer strange. Different powertrain, exterior design and just an incredible amount of optional equipment has seriously upped the stakes… But is the game worth the candle?

That is what we have today and out while testing the Audi A6 in the body of C8. The fact is that the test car is about 100 thousand dollars, while the basic version of the sedan you can get for 43 thousand

But if our version of the 55 is equipped with a TFSI 3.0-liter V6 with output of 340 HP and 500 Nm of torque (no need to forget about all-wheel drive quattro ultra), base 45 TFSI hides under the hood a 2.0-liter motor 245 forces and 370 Nm, which are implemented solely at the front axle. Although the difference in motors is only a small part of what is the difference between these cars…

From our story you will learn why a “reference” or 43 thousand definitely need to add about $ 7,700, even if you want to buy A6, want to save.

We demonstrate the impressive dynamic characteristics of the model with 3.0-liter engine, which, probably, again will make you believe in the integrity of the group VAG. As well as the experiment, we measured the dynamics of braking in order to have material for comparison.

You will see how well set up air suspension system of this sedan. For testing it will involve high-precision technology in the form of tape, Cup and a very (really very) bumpy road. The result will shock you.

We will also talk about the work of the gearbox (7-step “robot” S-tronic), about the level of noise, the features of the cabin, the sound of stereos and amenities of driving a A6 at night… a lot. And that, perhaps, you do not need such A6, if already available version of the S6. C 3.0-liter diesel engine in the 349 forces and 700 Nm of torque, with a full 8-step “automatic” and… quite adequate (compared to our version of) price tag.

All (unexpected) details video. Pleasant viewing!

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