The New Audi R8 is a Lamborghini at a lower price

The New Audi R8 is a Lamborghini at a lower price


This is a great value supercar. You get the same pops and gurgles as a Lamborghini Huracan but at a lower price. It’s also super comfy so you can drive it literally every day if you want to. The only issue I have with the R8 is that the design hasn’t changed much in 14 years so I just don’t find it that sexy anymore. Thoughts guys?

come on how freaking insane does that sound alright guys here we are supercar blondie what’s up we have a brand new audi r8 for you to see today there happens to be an older model audi right here in the car park so this is kind of a good opportunity for us to be able to see the progression this color is called kamora gray you may think it’s natto gray but it’s not actually it has kind of a blue tinge to it and that is a brand new color for the audi r rates we’ve got updated air intake so they’re just a little bit bigger here on the front all right and then as you come around the side this car that we’re looking at guys has a lot of optional extras so you got to pay more for certain things on this car 19 inch wheels come standard on the audi r8 this is actually 20 inch so you’ve got 20 inch here 20 inch here you’ve got bigger air vents as well here on the back the rear diffuser is kind of moved up slightly in the back as well and you’ve got these ex like look how massive these exhausts are i mean the comparison it’s it’s huge really which one would you rather have you’ve got this wing here now so this is actually fixed this does not move this will always be shown in this position another optional extra on this car which i really like is this high gloss black finish on the audi badges usually that comes in silver here this is what she’s all about this is a naturally aspirated v10 you guys pumping out over 600 horsepower 610 horsepower and top speed 330 kilometers an hour now the special thing about this car is it has the same engine as you get in the lamborghini hurricane so the difference with this is it costs about fifty thousand dollars less than what you’d pay for a lamborghini hurricane as you can see one of the main differences between this updated audi and an older version of the r8 is you’ve now got this carbon fiber panel here which is split so you’ve got a little bit here a little bit here whereas on the older version it runs all the way down back in 2007 they launched the first ever audi r8 audi’s first ever supercar okay and personally i was like dreaming of owning an r8 one day that was my car i thought it looks super freaking cool 14 years later the design just hasn’t changed that significantly so i’ve kind of lost my love affair with the r8 a little bit like let’s make it into something freaking awesome let’s add some more drama let’s just completely overhaul the thing because the bones of this car is freaking insanely amazing and i’ll tell you something else here’s the interior look how comfortable this interior is you guys it is like look at the plush leather it is just such an everyday kind of drive inside like this is what you would find in some of your everyday audi drivers when you drive a lamborghini hurricane for a length of time your ears start to bleed because it is so loud here in the cabin in the driver’s seat which is a great experience but you do not want to take it on long trips this you get the same gurgles and pops but there’s more insulation from that sound here in the cabin so it’s not quite as like ear bleed inducing so let’s hear it because this is the really great part you guys ready for this start stop button here on the wheel mommy come on how freaking insane does that sound oh man i miss my lucy when i hear that like this is the kind of sound you want to hear from a supercar you guys that is awesome all right let’s go out you guys let’s hear it on the road just super comfy you guys this is literally a supercar you could drive every day i’m not kidding like if you wanted to fork out 170 000 that’s the starting price for this then you could literally get amazing use out of it because you could take it to work and back every day right ready wow that is everything you want to feel this is a great one this is a great car and i do not deny anything about that except for the design i want a complete overhaul that’s what i want to see because the bones of this carp the feel the sound the comfort everything about it is so brilliant top speed 330 kilometers an hour you guys now what’s also interesting is here look there’s no screen nothing no screen which is really unusual in a new supercar you would have some kind of screen here now i was going well how are you meant to control the ra even just the radio right you turn that on here but it’s only here on your screen here like tiny little screen on the left and that’s where you’re meant to do everything from but if your passenger wants to change the radio station they’d have to literally lean over like this in front of you to see what was going on so i find that a little bit strange hi guys another cool little feature you’ve got integrated speakers here in your headrest that’s pretty cool bang olufsen’s surround sound and that’s pretty much it you guys i hope you like this very quick overview of the 2020 r8 performance quattro give us a quick like subscribe to my channel and we’ll see you in the next vid love you guys we’re out 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