The New BMW iX – World Premiere!

The New BMW iX – World Premiere!


This is the all-new iX – a fully electric SUV/SAV by BMW. I love how they’re bringing more crystal features in to series production cars. This car really represents BMW’s launch in to fully electric cars. By 2023, they’ll have over 13 fully electric cars on the market! Special thanks to @BMW @BMWi for having me in Munich for this world reveal and thanks to Pieter Nota for joining me!More about the all-new BMW iX: #NEXTGen #ChangeYourMindset #THEiX #iX #BMWi #BornElectric#BMWPartner

supercar blondie here in munich germany because what is happening right now is a world premiere i’m about to uncover this car just before i do that look at what’s behind the scenes look at this massive crane we’ve got another pro camera over there we’ve got teams everywhere what’s up what’s up they’re like no i’m not on camera until you’re behind the scenes this is the set of my new show coming out this is insane so stay tuned for that i’m going to have some celebrities on my show and you’re going to see it right here on youtube make sure you subscribe you do not want to miss out on that look how cool this set is i’ve even got my own couch oh mate this is the life the coolest thing you guys is this is a whole 3d studio so this background actually looks 3d the all-new i x this is an all-electric suv look at this that is where you fill up the washer fluid so you’ve just got this little opening here on the bonnet because of course there’s no engine so the whole thing doesn’t need to lift up now now the other cool thing is you’ve got these massive kidney grills right this is part of their new design you can see that on the m3 and the m4 as well this is obviously not a grill because you don’t need the air to flow into the engine it’s actually called an intelligence panel and what’s even cooler is it is self-healing yes it is self-healing you guys so if there’s a nick here from a rock or a scratch with heat applied so if it’s just sitting out in the sun it’ll actually self-heal anyone have a rock no no takers come with me this i love look at the back here just how wide it is these are the thinnest tail lights on any bmw to date don’t they look great and what’s cool is because they’re integrated into the back when you open up the boot they have a whole separate set of lights here you don’t have the exhaust pipes of course because it’s electric instead you have this kind of blue color here and that’s sig bills that it is in fact an electric car this is really bmw’s way of going we are changing in three years time they’re gonna have over 20 all-electric bmws on the market now this is really cool my favorite bit ready look at this crystal buttons this is how you move the seat with a crystal oh hello how cool is that that is so nice so this is actually an optional extra doesn’t come standard you got to pay a little bit more dough to get that but i reckon that is totally worth it that is like concept car worth it right come on in guys you have a completely differently shaped steering wheel first time and a hexagonal steering wheel and that is so that you have more space this car is really about giving you extra space everywhere so that’s why they’ve kind of made that steering wheel that shape and this beautiful big free-standing curved display now you’ve also got in the crystal features if you buy into this a crystal start stop button how nice is that and this is the gear toggle in crystal oh that excites me so much you’ve also got shy technology shy technology means that technology is worked into the materials so look at this you’ve got buttons integrated into the wood that is super super cool you guys so the volume this is a little volume toggle guess where the speakers are right in here in the headrest in the middle and also here you’ve got a speaker here that is visible but you’ve also got speakers here underneath this material so that’s all called shy technology now look at the roof you guys look how massive this sunroof is goes all the way across with no uh panels dividing it which is so cool and this is electrochromic shading so what that does is with this button just put your hand up there ready so it’s opaque now and then see-through opaque c3 just something fun to play around with that’s basically so if you don’t want as much sun coming in from that roof you can actually shade that this is quite cool as well you see this is all exposed carbon fiber you rarely see that on an suv this kind of exposed this is because they’re trying to make the car as light as possible so they’ve got a carbon fiber tub they’ve left that exposed on purpose just to show you just how light they want to make this car here this matte floor mat is actually made out of recycled plastic bottles it doesn’t feel like it feels really nice feels really soft so i’m super impressed with that this car is scheduled to come to market at the end of next year now if you get your hands on one of these let me tell you what is powering it two electric motors producing around 500 horsepower so it’s quite a lot of power for an suv so i i don’t think it’s gonna feel like it’s lacking power at all and it’s going to have quite good torque of course because it’s electric so you put your foot down you’re off it also has a range of 600 kilometers which will get you pretty much anywhere really zero to 100 in just under five seconds the width and the length of it is like an x5 and the height of it is like an x6 just so you guys have kind of a comparison of what we’re looking at here this here is also shy technology this isn’t actually there’s like a little button here push that and it electronically opens i’m a bit confused why this is so big that’s my only question why you need a latch that big but anyway that’s what it is so you open that up you’ve got the charging ports here all right so talking of charging it will charge from about 10 to 80 percent in around 40 minutes and you can get an extra like 120 kilometers in 10 minutes of fast charging so that’s pretty good you can drive for over an hour on the freeway with just 10 minutes let’s take a look at the back look at this so this is more like a lounge chair type feel you know it’s like straight across there’s no like massive rivets or anything between the chairs i really like this this is really cool you guys it’s got this little opening and that is so you can attach your own ipad to the back of the chair that means you don’t have to buy separate screens as an upgrade already included in the car now you’ve got this here as well little door open buttons so there’s no latch like there’s no lever you guys it’s just a button and you’ve got this beautiful like kind of microfiber texture here this is so soft oh i like that oh come run your hands along this it’s so nice isn’t it oh there’s peter peter come on over hi alex what’s up yeah great to see you here thanks for joining me you’ve just been watching in the outskirts absolutely this is peter no doug guys he just happened to rock on in um peter noda is a board member at bmw group so we are super stoked to have him on the channel thanks so much for coming yeah great to be here and great to see you here look at this i know so this is a big deal for bmw uh all electric yeah suv you guys have got a few more all-electric models coming out over the next few years yeah how difficult has that change been for a company as big as bmw to go from combustion engines to electric cars that’s not particularly difficult because uh but it’s a big step of course and we are at the bmw group really pioneers when it comes to electrification so it started in 2013 with the i3 so a great uh car also a good success in the market and now the time is right really for an all-electric suv like this so this is a completely new interpretation of the sport utility uh vehicle as we know it yeah like the i8 as well when the ia hit the market i had to buy one because i was like wow this is the first time like like a hybrid car looks really cool yeah so guys it might look a bit weird that we’re standing so far apart but of course we have to respect to distancing rules in this time this year has been a challenge for everyone let’s put it that way obviously we’re in lockdown for quite a while they weren’t using their cars but then at the on the other side of the token i’ve heard a lot of people are buying new cars because they want that kind of insulation they don’t want to have to take public transportation as much anymore um what is the truth when it comes to how the brand has been handling 2020. we’ve actually come through quite strongly so of course in the second quarter of this year we saw a sharp dip it started all in february already in china and then actually it’s spread around the whole world and that hit us particularly hard in the second quarter but also we’ve seen a strong rebound and it’s very good in the third quarter particularly also driven by china again we see that individual mobility is really gaining ground even more than before because people like this confined personal space it’s safe it’s perceived to be safe so we see actually a strong growth of the particularly premium segment of the automotive market in china which is really driving a lot of growth for us there’s great new stuff coming in so look at this one so yes tell us what is coming that’s what we want to know yeah what is coming the the ix as we have it here is coming in 2021 yes but it will also be accompanied by another great new all-electric bmw okay the i4 so coming also in 2021 how different is that going to be from this well the i4 is really the compact sport sedan that bmw actually is known for so like the m4 but the electric version exactly something like that and also from a performance perspective it’s not that far away even from the m4 because it’s very high powered so and it’s the ultimate compact sports sedan so with the i4 the electrification has really arrived at the heart of the bmw brand so i’m very excited about that as well it’s coming around the same time are you saying that when the i4 comes out you guys are going to be completely moving away from the traditional 4 series with a combustion engine no there will also be a we’re not saying foreign yet no because we know that there are many marks in the world that also there is high demand still for christian engines and that’s why we are at the moment and that’s what we promise also as a bmw brand for our customers we offer what we call the power of choice the share of electric vehicles of course will go up very exciting stuff to come by 2023 yeah we will have 25 electrified vehicles so what that’s a lot and half of them will be fully electric like this ix that’s a lot that’s 12 or around 12. fully electric cars will be out in the next two to three years absolutely there you go one more thing now i want to pick your brains on this peter yeah i would personally love to see a supercar hyper car type car come from bmw i’m talking something that looks like an i8 that cool with the butterfly doors super low to the ground sexy but with you know 700 800 900 horsepower okay is this something that we could look forward to from bmw well we have of course today our m8 the bmw brand is planning to expand also in the higher price uh region so uh i just want to make you curious so something cool will be coming soon oh yeah okay how long do we need to wait for this something cool not too long okay all right titled about that but i’m super excited that is so cool you guys next time that that comes out you and i can have a little bit here again i’m gonna be here for sure thank you so much yeah thank you so you’re welcome yeah great to have you here thanks guys

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