The new BMW M2 will be a hybrid

The new BMW M2 will be a hybrid


BMW M2 Competition is today one of the most interesting cars on the market, and has in its Arsenal a conventional internal combustion engine. However, even the M cars are unable to avoid increasingly stringent emission standards and limitations around the world, and electrification is one way to circumvent these problems.

It is widely known that BMW M division is in the process of developing dimitromanolaki M2 CS, which will be faster and easier for competitors. However, CS is not the only derivative of Munich is planning to release its popular sports coupe. Foreign media say that “partially electrified M2” is not far off.


No details about this model are proposed. However, according to BMW Blog, the M2 will turn into a full hybrid and plug-in, but probably will use 48-volt Mild Hybrid technology and electric turbochargers. This setup can provide the sports car a supply of the electric range, and increase the power and torque and enhance fuel efficiency.

It is unclear when the launch of the hybrid M2, referred to, but it is believed that this will happen in 2022. If so, then a hybrid of the M2 could be the last iteration of the first generation model before the launch of the new coupe 2-Series and, with it, the new M2.

In any case, those who want to buy the hardcore M2, it may be possible to leave a pre-order for the next CS. His debut will take place at the motor show in Los Angeles, it will feature the S55 engine with two turbines with a volume of 3.0 liters, producing of the order of 444 HP, and the volume of production, as stated, will be limited to only 2 200 units.

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