The new BMW M4 was even worse than the Ford Puma ST

The new BMW M4 was even worse than the Ford Puma ST


The 2021 BMW M4 is a great sports car, so in theory it shouldn’t have a problem passing the moose test. However, everything turned out to be a little different.

Youtube channel Km77 recently got its hands on the new M4 Competition and initially prepared it for the “moose test” at 78 km / h, the speed at which the Tesla Model 3 can safely pass the test. However, BMW did not cope with the task – the rear part was brought out at the moment when the pilot turned right on the course. This sudden oversteer blew away two cones, and despite the driver’s best efforts to counteract the skid and control the slip, he blew another cone when turning back to the left.

What’s especially surprising about the car’s behavior at its limits is that all traction and stability control systems have been turned on.

During the second race, the speed was reduced to 76 km / h, and this time the M4 Competition managed to pass the test safely, although its rear end again lost traction. This is interesting, as most other cars experience understeer first rather than oversteer. The Km77 completed its tests by testing the M4 Competition in slalom, which it successfully completed at 78 km / h.

Needless to say, the result of the M4 Competition isn’t all that great, and it’s not about the cheapest car. Oddly enough, the small sports crossover Ford Puma ST performed much better than BMW.

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