The new Chevrolet Corvette is the “flying” mode

The new Chevrolet Corvette is the “flying” mode


Chevrolet Corvette new generation of “flying” mode traction control system that is included in the case of separation all four wheels off the ground.

According to the publication Detroit Free Press, in the new “Corvette” eighth generation stabilization system not only is able to determine when the tires of the supercar to lose traction with the road surface, but also to understand when the car is off the ground and in the air. In this case, the system adjusts the distribution of torque at the wheels. The fact that the traction control system typically slows down the wheels that lack traction – for example, on snow, ice or rain.


However, this is not what you need on the race track, when the value of every fraction of a second. “Flying” mode in the Chevrolet Corvette need for just such occasions. Through the adaptive shock absorbers Magnetic Ride Control traction control system understands when the wheels are off the ground, instead of having to use the brakes allows them to continue to rotate at the same speed. Hardly this feature is frequently demanded, but those who use their Corvette for track days, surely it will appreciate.

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