The new Defender will get a water-back version

The new Defender will get a water-back version


Land Rover has announced work on a prototype hydrogen Defender, which will begin road testing by the end of 2021 in the UK. The automaker does not talk about the serial prospects of such a model, but notes that by 2030 the number of hydrogen cars should exceed 10 million, and the number of filling stations for such cars will reach 10 thousand pieces.

According to the global strategy of Jaguar Land Rover presented in early 2021, Jaguar will fully switch to electric traction in 2025, and Land Rover will sell up to 60 percent of electric vehicles by the same time. In particular, the release of battery-operated Range Rover, Discovery and Defender is planned.

Defender, in turn, can get a hydrogen version – the creation of a zero-emission SUV is part of the Zeus project, which is partially funded by the state. According to a video posted by the automaker, the SUV will receive a pair of tanks located on the sides of the battery pack. No technical details were given, but it is known that Delta Motorsport, AVL, Marelli Automotive Systems and UK Battery Industrialization Center are involved in the project.

Jaguar Land Rover currently has only one zero-emission vehicle in its lineup: the Jaguar I-Pace electric car. In addition, the range includes Range Rover and Range Rover Sport PHEV plug-in hybrids, capable of traveling on electric traction for about 50 kilometers. Several more all-electric models will be available in the coming years.

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