The new E-S will receive an increased power reserve. Will he eclipse Tesla?


Last summer, Daimler CEO Ola Kallenius promised the shareholders of the concern that the EQS electric car would be able to travel 700 km on a single charge (WLTP cycle). Now that the model is almost ready for production, the company has adjusted the data: it is claimed that the range will be 770 kilometers.

Obviously, we are talking about the modification with the largest battery – 108 kilowatt-hours. These battery packs have already begun to be assembled for the flagship model of the Mercedes-EQ sub-brand at the Mercedes-Benz Untert├╝rkheim plant. At the same time, the range of electric vehicles depends not only on the battery capacity, but also on a number of other parameters, including aerodynamics, and the EQS has a record: the drag coefficient was only 0.20 – less than that of any other production car. For comparison, the Lucid Air sedan has 0.21, while the updated Tesla Model S has 0.208.

The full-fledged premiere of Mercedes-Benz EQS will take place in two weeks, on April 15, at 19:00 Kiev time. To date, the manufacturer has already completely declassified the interior of the novelty, both in the top-end version with an optional 141-centimeter Hyperscreen panel, and in a simpler configuration, which, nevertheless, is not inferior in terms of luxury and technology to the new gasoline S-class sedan. We are still slightly less familiar with the appearance of an electric car, although there is almost no disguise left on prototypes that spies have come across more and more often.

The European market debut of EQS is scheduled for August, and its younger brother, EQE, will premiere in September. It is officially confirmed that already in 2021 at least one of these models will receive a “charged” version from AMG.

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