The new electric car Tesla had already discovered rust

The new electric car Tesla had already discovered rust


The owner of the sedan Tesla Model 3 has detected in your electric car signs of rust. And this despite the fact that the car is fairly new.

The unpleasant discovery of the owner of the electric car by the name of björn Nylund said in his blog on YouTube. Bjorn is a professional skier, and the unpleasant discovery he had just discovered while fixing equipment.

Corrosion “resloved” revealed in a hard place: on a steel plate the seat, which is covered by soft padding. This fact, of course, upset, but there is one “but”: the Niland electric car is operated in cold and wet climate (the man lives in Norway), and under these conditions, some cars can really be rust in places that do not have anti-corrosion treatment. However, the oxidation of the metal on the chairs often last for years, so the incident cannot be called settled, as in this case, in fact, talking about a new car – the Tesla Model 3 production began only in 2017.


It is noteworthy that the owner of the “Troika” as an ardent fan of Tesla, reacted peacefully to the problem and, moreover, eliminated her own – with the help of improvised means.

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