The New Ferrari Roma!

The New Ferrari Roma!


The new Ferrari Roma has a completely new interior and tech upgrade! 😳🙌Thanks to for the car!#Ferrari #Roma #supercarblondie

all right what’s up guys it’s supercar blondie i have got to show you today the brand new ferrari roman now this is actually the cheapest ferrari that you can buy right now which is crazy because it actually has the newest updates in the ferrari line like all new generation technology inside that i’m going to show you today and a whole new look what do you guys think i actually really love the look of the roma this is the entry level ferrari but in my opinion it’s one of the best-looking ferraris on the market so let me show you what’s happening here guys ready this is also the coolest ferrari key ever it’s leather right and then you can also get this on the back which is super cool so it’s kind of this rectangular design that i’ve never seen on any other car key before i really like it’s very compact it doesn’t look like a car key at all so this is actually an optional extra this cool bit on the front the way it comes standard is just the leather on back and front so these guys massive thank you to superior rental they have actually forked out the extra dough for the fancy key thank you so much for giving us the roma today so we can look at it all right let me show you around come around the back what i think is really cool is open the boot with this key you press twice this opens pull it up and this is where you get to look at all of the extra cash you’ve spent on this car so this is all of your optional extras right so let’s see what they’ve got apple carplay red brake calipers carbon fiber hub she’s so annoying that’s my sister always interrupting our shoots what are you doing no get out of the chute this car doesn’t belong here just ignore it look she’s hurt her neck she can’t move her neck oh yo yo what’s going on no i’m in pain can you get this chimney out of here because i’ve got a ferrari for you to do and this because it’s just pulling it down oh i thought i was going to bring it up and then no no off you go all right get back in your jimmy all right all right so what i was saying is you got all of these optional extras so this car starts at around 250 000 but this one went for about 285 000 with all of the optional extras so you can see here for example you’ve got the red brake calipers as an extra and you’ve also got the carbon fiber hub cap boot space uh not massive to be honest with you comes with a cover and an emergency safety kit usually in a gt car with the engines at the front you’ve got a lot more space in the back so it’s not massive for example entry-level ferraris in the past have been california the california tea the portofino they’ve all had a bit more space in the back so this is a little bit on the small side plus what’s interesting is look i actually like the way you can just pull this straight out and not have to lift it over a barrier here in the back however i did notice some complaints that if you are parked on a hill like this and you open up the trunk then whatever is here will literally just fall out the back all right close this up and it doesn’t have soft clothes which is interesting i would have liked to have seen that otherwise you’ve got to go like this and then it will pop down i’m loving the rear taillights they’ve actually replaced what is usually the iconic tail lights which are round on a ferrari now they’re more elongated they’re not round at all but i actually really like that come look at these guys i really like the way that you open this door you just put your fingers in and then it pops open and you pull back and it actually feels really light they store and very easy to maneuver now i’m opening this for a reason look at this right here it’s like an ejector seat button and i’m gonna pop that boom so we can have a look under the hood up it goes yes now we are actually looking at a twin turbo v8 and it has about 610 horsepower so that’s the same amount as a lamborghini hurricane okay just so you can kind of compare where it sits in the power league among supercars that’s enough of that pop that down it has a very long nose doesn’t it kind of pops out kind of like a shark that’s my least favorite design feature on this car it’s a little bit long for my liking other than that i think the front is very beautiful right now let’s hop inside because this car has completely updated everything all right first thing i want to show you here press this and it is a quick lock function so you don’t even have to have your key on you when you get you know i just pop my key in my bag i get out and then i’m like i have to lock the door fumbling through my bag trying to find the key just so i can lock the car now you get out you put your key wherever and you just press this and same for unlock you just press that oh yes you do here we go just unlocked and then you get i love that now look at this interior guys i mean come on come on how beautiful is this interior my goodness i love this speck in red and black as well this is gorgeous now let me show you what’s going on here the first thing that you notice is this really big screen in front of you this is the first time that i’m seeing a ferrari with a massive dash of screen usually the dash screen is like really tiny on the left hand side here on the right hand side this i love this is finally like it feels modern and updated this whole car you’ve got this nice screen here do you know what let me just turn it on so that you can see everything light up what is super cool is where’s the start stop button there is no button anymore look it’s actually here now you’ve got the start stop button on this digital display which is so cool so let’s start her up what ah look at that big screen that is so nice okay now good not amazing but good still sounds like a ferrari okay now i’m gonna pop this here and what i love is when you turn it on you suddenly see all these other digital lights like this for example this is for the modes so you’ve got wet mode in blue and then you turn it around into comfort sport or race and you just do that here on this little dial which is very cool this is a really cool one view max that’ll give you your map in full display which is really really cool that is great all right look at this this is really cool right here is a nod to ferrari’s past this looks like an old gated gearbox so you know when you would get into an old manual ferrari you’d have to shift it in like this right so it looks like that but that actually turned this into a digital display for this new roma which is really cool so let me turn it on you see it lights up here reverse you just pop this down and you get a red light to the r which is really cool take it out of reverse you just put it into gear okay and then you can choose between auto or manual so you just flick that down if you want it in manual which is really easy and really cool i like that this one here this l this is for launch control love that now over here in front of you you’ve got your passenger display this is actually an optional extra you don’t get that standard it is really cool and it makes it super easy for the passenger just kind of like control as you saw the audio you can see the revs you can see the speed you can just go through and have a little bit of fun as the passenger then you’ve got like a little storage right here in the middle you’ve got your usb which is great and in the back you have two seats if you can call them that i think you could just about fit my little pomeranian in here these are tiny let me try and get back in to get in the back there’s just a little lever here i’m gonna pull this up and what i like is it then just automatically starts moving forward so that you can get in oh let’s see let’s because of course this is not a convertible so it is even harder to fit in the back oh my oh stop stop moving oh my god it’s squishing me hot stop oh my goodness yeah this has definitely not comfortable at all i can confirm i have to put my neck over in order to sit in the back but i suppose it’s good for just like little storage of items maybe some bags maybe your dogs or something else okay let me get out starting her up here we go everything lights up boom all right let’s go first driver the rover all right zero to 100 in 3.4 seconds now you’ve actually got your window functions here in the middle just so you’re not trying to look around for them they’re here all right it definitely feels and drives like a ferrari i’m just not a huge fan of the way that they play around in the back end like if you’re taking off it’s like whoa whereas for example a lot of other supercars you feel a lot more stuck to the road stiffer this one’s just like let’s see what this car wants to do today this is an optional extra here guys the carbon fiber on the wheel and also one thing i found that i don’t really like is there’s no mirror why now to indicate the indicators are actually nowhere here or here just like on other ferraris they’re here on the wheel so indicator button here or here and what i like about the roma is you can actually see if your indicator light is on in other ferraris they’re kind of hidden around the corner here the lights and i could never tell if my indicator light was left on so i always ended up driving around like an absolute numpty you know those numpties on the road who forget their indicator lights are on that was me in other ferraris in this one i can actually clearly see if they’re on or off i like that this is really nice i really like this display i mean how good does that look so big what’s quite cool is there’s a quick flash function here on the wheel look at this right here there’s a tiny little lever that you can click in and that is to flash people all right that’s it guys i hope you enjoyed my quick review of the brand new ferrari roma a massive thank you to superior rental here in dubai for giving us this today to have a look at i hope you enjoyed i’m out love you bye make sure to subscribe guys join the fam you

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