The new flagship Volvo will get four seats and pokonkurirovat with GLS-Maybach

The new flagship Volvo will get four seats and pokonkurirovat with GLS-Maybach


The Swedes are allegedly preparing to go with a luxury SUV, which initially will deprive the engine.

Perhaps the Volvo does not give rest to the success of the line Mercedes-Maybach. Otherwise difficult to explain the decision to equip the future XC100 (so, according to rumors, will be referred to as new) only four seats. In addition to the seats driver and front passenger, SUV will receive two captain’s chairs in the second row – and nothing more, although the current flagship XC90 may be a seven-seater.

Another extravagant honors of the future flagship, according to Motor Trend, is the power plant. Volvo XC100 will be born exclusively as an electric car, and already in the basic version will be all-wheel drive: off-road vehicle of the promised power plant with a number of engines of not less than two. Accordingly, build XC100 on the basis of second-generation branded modular platform SPA, which allows such linking.


Finally, expected some “revolutionary” design changes. First, Volvo XC100 will perform in the trendy form of “cross-coupe”, and the second, according to sources, the big electric SUV will differ from the colleagues more extravagant appearance.

Technical characteristics of future innovations not yet known, but we know the approximate cost. Volvo XC100 will get a price tag comparable to the price of the top trim levels, the Volvo XC90. On the market luxury elektrosetremont “four” due out in 2023. It is worth mentioning that all-electric modification of the promise and the family of the XC90 (with the change of generations), while petrol and hybrid motors, it will retain.

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