The new generation of the Mokka. The new “look” Opel


The new generation of the Opel Mokka will be the first to receive the new branded design, characterize future models of the German Brand. The design team headed by mark Adams has developed a new design of the front part of Opel cars, a unique feature which became a stylistic element of “Vizor” (Opel Vizor). It harmoniously unites the grille, headlights and brand logo.

The source of inspiration was the legendary Opel Manta of the first generation: for a new Mokka designers have reinvented the Manta grille with dual headlights on a dark background, framed by a thin chrome grille.

Located under the hood and stretched the whole width of the front end, Opel Vizor makes the car wider and reduces the number of visible elements the front of the Mokka. The extra details don’t distract from the stylish minimalist surface with smoothly integrated headlights. In the center of the Opel Vizor proudly flaunts the legendary Opel emblem in the form of lightning. The new model is equipped with only high quality led lights and matrix LED headlights IntelliLux® latest generation is unique in this segment. All subsequent models Opel will be a stylistic focus Opel Vizor with the possibility of integrating the newest technologies in the future.

“We want to give a Brand new distinctive features, which reflect our expressive and bold concept for the future design. Opel Vizor – a distinctive and unique element of the Brand, it reflects the German tradition, where form follows function. The classic grille is no longer relevant for electric vehicles such as the Mokka-e. New Opel Vizor element, which combines lighting and other technical components as well as performs the function of a protective screen,” commented the company’s chief designer Opel mark Adams.

The next generation Mokka has a new design elements of the front and rear of the vehicle, corresponding to the new philosophy of the Brand and characteristic of future Opel models. The direction of the new Brand design is based on two intersecting axes. The vertical axis forms a Central stiffening rib on the hood, more pronounced in the latest Opel models, and the characteristic graph of the led lights symbolizes the horizontal axis. The Central element – the logo of Opel.

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