The new German supercar will challenge the Bugatti and McLaren

The new German supercar will challenge the Bugatti and McLaren


Professional dorabotki Porsche has decided to grow to the status of the automakers.

About the intentions of the Studio, for almost four decades of modifying cars (not only Porsche, but also in other famous European firms), said back in the summer. Then, however, the tuners were limited to only a Declaration of intent, and now generous to new images of future trends and some technical characteristics.

Judging by the photos (or sketches), Gemballa supercar will have a mid-engine layout. Officially, this decision has not been announced yet, but coupe images has a too long back and too compact “hood”. Meanwhile, it is known that the engine supercar will be developed, at the request of the company, “significantly over” 800 HP.


It is alleged that up to 100 km/h coupe can accelerate in 2.5 seconds – just 0.1 sec slower than the Bugatti Chiron. And the third “hundred” will exchange for 6.5 seconds, that is even faster than the monstrous McLaren P1. To achieve this with a relatively weak motor Gemballa plans through the manipulation of “flight weight” of its supercar.

Atelier is going to build a coupe from carbon fiber and aluminum to save weight wherever possible and the use of certain particularly advanced transmission. Most likely, we are talking about the AWD system, as the tuner has promised to leave a supercar manual.

The project is currently at the stage of technical planning at Gemballa are looking for investors that could Finance the further development, construction of prototypes, testing and transition to serial production. If all goes as I expect tuners, build brand supercar Gemballa (which still has no name) kicks off in 2022.

What, in your opinion, will be made hypercar GEMBALLA?

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