The new Golf Variant was lit in the photo

The new Golf Variant was lit in the photo


Western publications have published photos of the tests of a brand-new station wagon VW Golf Variant. The car had camouflage only on the rear lights.

It is recognized that the Volkswagen Golf Variant (station wagon) not the most exciting compact wagon in the world. Despite this, the car is very popular among European families who require more space compared to what can offer Golf hatchback.

A new batch of spy shots shows a new model almost completely, with the only camouflage on the rear lights.

This prototype right-hand drive, it seems, is a version of the model in the lower configuration, judging by the small wheels and lack of the faux exhaust tips. In the back there is something quite strange, because the red reflectors wearing camouflage body color, and in the lower part of the bumper visible fake red stickers.


Judging by the fact that the car has received a very small amount of camouflage, we can assume that the official debut of the generic version of Golf to be held very soon. Here’s what is still unknown are whether the new Golf Variant more powerful versions of the GTD and R in Europe. We are also interested to know whether submitted for the new station wagon plug-in hybrid version of the GTE.

Engines, gearboxes, technology and everything else that you can think of will be inherited from conventional hatchback. In the case of the new Golf Variant, people will mainly be interested in the trunk. According to rumors, Golf Variant 2021 model year will receive the amount of “trunk” in the amount of 605 liters with the rear seats folded.

Not so long ago our newspaper wrote about the fact that Volkswagen has resumed deliveries of the new Golf, solving problems with software. Market the debut of the eighth generation Volkswagen Golf – one of the most important models for the German mark – was not very successful: in may of this year during a routine quality control was found the problem with the function of calling emergency services.

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