The new Grand Cherokee is already on the roads

The new Grand Cherokee is already on the roads


Based on the photos of the 2022 Jeep Grand Cherokee 5-door model, this SUV will receive an updated look – it will be different from the already presented Jeep Grand Cherokee L with three rows of seats.

The new Jeep Grand Cherokee L (long-wheelbase version) debuted its three-row body back in January this year, but in 2021, the more traditional two-row version of the SUV will also be available to buyers. Jeep has officially confirmed that a five-seater version of the model will arrive at a later date and will not be an exact replica of the current Grand Cherokee L.

The overall styling of the prototype seen is obviously the same as the three-row Grand Cherokee L, but we can easily see that the five-seat version of the SUV has a different front fascia.

While the Grand Cherokee L is quite boxy, the more standard version of the model has got more angular shapes, with angled vents that go into the bezel. The lower grill reflects the angle of the vents, and we suspect the upper grill has gotten a bit larger as well. It can be rounder around the edges compared to the three-row Grand Cherokee L.

In addition, you can see a completely different C-pillar and a quarter glass on the two-row version of the SUV. The corner design actually looks similar to the WK-gen Grand Cherokee that arrived back in 2005, and again, it differs from the blocky exterior of the new Grand Cherokee L. It’s a bit tricky to see in these shots, but the new Grand Cherokee is definitely shorter than L version. It is also difficult to speculate if the Grand Cherokee will receive a different tailgate design.

The composition of the engine range for the 5- and 7-seater versions of the SUV must be the same. With the Grand Cherokee L already unveiled, the five-seater SUV can be expected to debut later this year. Most likely, the novelty will go on sale as a 2022 model.

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