The new Hyundai Grandeur: sedans do not give up!

The new Hyundai Grandeur: sedans do not give up!


Over the next two years, Hyundai intends to bring to the market the comfortable sedan Grandeur, which will become an intermediate link between the regular models of the brand and the premium Genesis. Now the company is trying to draw attention to this family, which has been leading its history since 1986, for which an electric restomod was even made. However, what the next generation Grandeur might look like remains a mystery. Korean enthusiastic designers from Gotcha Cars tried to lift the veil of secrecy by modeling the exterior of the future novelty based on spy shots.

The authors of the renders tried to interpret in a modern spirit the lines and design solutions that were used on the first generation sedan. The front end is distinguished by an interesting two-story optics, which is combined with a huge mouth of the radiator grill. Thin monophonic lights are installed at the stern.

Recall that the current Grandeur has been produced since 2016 and is not sold in some important markets for Hyundai, for example, in the USA, where the model could interfere with the promotion of the premium Genesis.

As for the new generation Hyundai Grandeur, its debut is expected during 2023. According to preliminary data, it will share the platform with the KIA K8 and will be offered in both petrol and all-electric versions.

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