The new KIA Carnival knows how to hold the punch!

The new KIA Carnival knows how to hold the punch!


To prove its passive safety, the new Korean van had to endure six tests at once. From a classic frontal impact and collision with a pole to bench tests of seats and a staged accident with a pedestrian at a speed of 40 km / h.

Already in the “database” KIA Carnival, which the Koreans offered to their Australian customers, receives eleven airbags at once, and four are responsible for protecting the driver at once.

The list of available options also includes an automatic braking system, tire pressure sensors, anti-lock braking system, an assistant for lane keeping and monitoring of “blind” zones, etc.

According to the results of all tests, the newest KIA Carnival showed excellent results, receiving the maximum five stars.

He was rated 90% for the safety of adult passengers, 88% for children, 68% for pedestrians, and 82% for active safety complexes.

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