The new Lexus NX: a verdict for the German troika?

The new Lexus NX: a verdict for the German troika?


The new crossover Lexus NX – the bestseller of the Japanese premium brand – is presented in the second generation. It is built on the TNGA platform, which means that a completely different car is now hidden under the visually similar body lines to the previous generation.

This applies to both the engines and the suspension and steering settings. Both security systems and the multimedia unit. In some ways, without exaggeration, Lexus jumped over its head: just look at the new multimedia! .. In some ways, Lexus has remained true to itself: even on 20-inch wheels and run flat tires, the crossover is perceived as soft.

This, as well as how the new NX will portend other, “older” Lexus models, we talk about in the test drive. But also do not forget to compare the NX with its direct competitors from Germany: Mercedes-Benz GLC, Audi Q5 and BMW X3. Happy viewing!

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