The new Lexus NX is another threat to the Germans

The new Lexus NX is another threat to the Germans


Lexus NX of the first generation was a bestseller all over the world and to keep such a high bar, the designers of Lexus had to surprise the buyer with something again. As the manufacturer himself states, Lexus NX 2021 is not just a new NX, it is generally a new concept in the automotive industry, and the technologies used here have yet to appear among competitors and older Lexus models.

Lexus NX 2021 design

The new Lexus NX is built on the new TNGA platform and has 95% new parts compared to its predecessor. The car has become 20 mm longer, 20 mm wider and 5 mm higher. The wheelbase has become 30 mm longer, which, theoretically, should add free space for rear passengers. All these are insignificant changes, but what really increased is the track — the rear by 55 mm., and the front by 35 mm.
We will not dwell on the body design for a long time, although it has been updated, but the continuity is still guessed – modern, youthful, impetuous, aggressive with new front optics and trendy rear.

Door handles deserve special attention — you can’t pull them, and in order to open the door, you need to press the key that activates the electric lock drive. And if you want to open the door at a time when the car’s radars see a passing threat (for example, a cyclist), then you will not be able to do it — safety is above all.

Interior of the new Lexus NX

The concept of the interior of the new Lexus NX was also greatly changed and it was even given a name – Tazuna, which means “bridle” in Japanese. The main idea is intuitive control of all the functions of the car. The manufacturer also abandoned the joystick on the center console, and made the display of the media system touch-sensitive. But what we liked most about the cabin is the touch buttons on the steering wheel, the functions of which glow on the projection display, very convenient.

The front seats are very comfortable with good lateral support, ventilation and forward-backward adjustment of the headrest.

There is more than enough space in the back row (after all, it’s not for nothing that the base was increased by 30 mm.), the ceiling is high, the seats are comfortable with heating and adjustment.
The interior does not creak, but we expected a better quality finish. The sound insulation is excellent with active noise reduction.

The trunk of the Lexus NX 2021 with an electric drive and a contactless opening function. The declared volume is 500 liters, but it seems to us that the Japanese cheated somewhere when calculating…

New Lexus NX engine

Our test model Lexus NX350 is equipped with a completely new turbocharged Dynamic Force engine with a volume of 2.4 liters. with a capacity of 279 hp and a torque of 430 Nm. Acceleration to 100 km/h is 7 seconds.

One of the distinctive features of this engine is the use of two types of injection at once — direct and distributed, which as a result increases efficiency and improves dynamic characteristics.
The engine is paired with a brand new 8-speed automatic produced by AISIN.

Lexus NX 2021 suspension and steering

The suspension of the new Lexus NX is very comfortable, adaptive with variable stiffness of shock absorbers and at the same time the car is very well controlled. This is just the rare case when the designers managed to maintain excellent handling without compromising comfort.

Steering with variable gear ratio has become more responsive by 25% compared to the previous model.

What I want to say in the end is that the new Lexus NX is really a new level in the Japanese automotive industry and we would strongly recommend its German competitors to seriously think about it, because the new Lexus RX is on the way and everyone expects even more innovations from it.

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