The new logo Volkswagen will show in Frankfurt


Remade emblem will become part of a massive upgrade of the model range of the brand (and its image).

The company Volkswagen has announced that at the IAA in Frankfurt in early September, the world will be able to see the new logo live. Most likely, the first car with a repainted sign will be an electric hatchback ID 3, which is also present at the auto show. And the market the first machine with the new logo will be the eighth Golf.


According to the official position, “New Volkswagen” is the logo aims to highlight the relationship of the brand with young people, digitalization and modernity. However, one of the main reasons lies in the desire of Volkswagen to distance themselves from the scandal of falsification of emissions and to open a new Chapter in its history. And for this concern is sparing no expense, for which the rebranding will take a lot – will have to replace the emblems have more than 10 thousand dealers in 171 country of the world, as well as the sign on the headquarters.

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In fact the sign has not changed – it’s still the same letter W, which conceals and first letter of title is V, only now the figure is depicted as simply as possible – in contrast to the bulky, “too heavy” of the old. Consider it as test prototypes of the Golf, and, for example, on the jerseys of the players of football teams, which is sponsored by VW.

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