The new Maserati crossover will not be released on time

The new Maserati crossover will not be released on time


Due to the global shortage of microchips, Maserati has postponed the premiere of the new Grecale model, which will be the second crossover in the brand’s lineup. Initially, Grecale’s debut was scheduled for the spring of 2021, then it was postponed until the fall, and now it has been completely postponed to 2022. Named after the strong and cold Mediterranean winds, the crossover will compete with the Porsche Macan in the market.

The Maserati Grecale is based on the adapted rear-wheel drive platform Giorgio, on which the Alfa Romeo Stelvio is built, and the difference in dimensions with the “older” Levante will be insignificant.

According to one of the versions, the novelty will share with Stelvio a range of engines, including a 2.9-liter V6 biturbo engine from the “charged” version of Quadrifoglio (Maserati sells such versions under the name Trofeo). According to another version, the Italians have developed a new engine for Grecale. A hybrid and an all-electric retrofit are also in the pipeline.

The production of the model is organized at the plant in Cassino, Italy, where Stelvio and Giulia are produced, however, like most of the largest automakers, Maserati is faced with a shortage of components, which is why assembly cannot begin on time.

The name Grecale (“Grecal” or “Gregal”) was given to the crossover in honor of the Mediterranean wind. This is a cold and rather strong northeasterly wind blowing from the island of Malta, which can sometimes turn into a storm.

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