The new McLaren hypercar. When to wait?

The new McLaren hypercar. When to wait?


Hybrid supercar McLaren P1 released in 2013-2015-ies of a limited run 375 units will receive ideological successor. As reported by Autocar referring to the General Director of “McLaren” Mike Fluit, it will be the next model in the flagship line Ultimate Series.

Top Manager said that the last time he travels a lot on electric cars, and they really like it, however, the following supercar brand will still be a hybrid and not fully electric. As an example, he cited the recent model 765LT: they say, many buyers chose it for trips around the track, and if it were electric, it would have to charge all day after only half an hour of racing – such a scenario the company considers inappropriate. While Fluid admitted that he was impressed by the claimed features of the future electric supercars such as the Lotus Evija and Battista Pininfarina. According to preliminary data, the heir P1 front axle will rotate the electric motor and the rear – newest V6 that will debut at next convertible Junior line of Sports Series.


Fluit also criticized the intention of the British government to ban cars with internal combustion engines with 2032, calling the initiative “an unexpected and not particularly pleasant.” The CEO admitted that niche manufacturer will have to develop an electric platform for individual markets.

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