The new McLaren hypercar will get the coolest V12

The new McLaren hypercar will get the coolest V12


The Creator of the iconic supercar Gordon Murray said about the engine, which will receive its newest coupe.

The development of the engine for the supercar T. 50 was engaged in a famous Atelier Cosworth, and company management noted that the criteria for motor installed by Murray, was one of the most difficult in the history of Cosworth.

As stated by Gordon himself, he just wanted to provide the best supercar atmospheric V12 in the world – hence the high requirements and complexity in development. According to the designer, the engine provides more than half of all impressions of the trip by car. Accordingly, the motor should have “the right character” to be as responsive, and the like.

These criteria, incidentally, according to Murray and explain the choice of configuration engine – naturally aspirated V12. In the end, the Alliance was not only the lightweight 12-cylinder engine ever installed in a road car (the engine weighs just 80,5 kg), but also the most rapid, powerful and responsive.

If the volume of 3.9 l engine, made of aluminum and titanium, develops 663 HP at 11 500 Rev/min. 71% of the maximum torque available at 2 500 rpm, and the peak thrust at 467 Nm, the engine goes to 9 thousand rpm. Cut-off also triggered by 12V 100 rpm to Work the engine to be Orthodox, 6-speed manual transmission with triple-disc clutch and limited-slip differential.


It is assumed that the engine will be installed on a luxury car so that the maximum positive impact on the location of the center of gravity. In addition, Murray made a special emphasis on the fact that the V12 will be fully open to view: the designer will refuse to become popular decorative covers.

Finally declassify the ideological successor of the famous McLaren F1 named T. 50 firm Gordon Murray Automotive intends in early August, that is literally in a week.

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