The new Nissan GT-R will return to the past

The new Nissan GT-R will return to the past


Nissan has ceased to be silent about the project of a new generation of GT-R sports car. The day before, the general director of the Japanese automaker Makoto Uchidu told reporters in an interview that with the change of generation, the legendary Nissan model will receive a new platform, and will also acquire a design made in the style of a Skyline R32 coupe.

According to the top manager, the GT-R will retain its positioning after it passes into the new generation, remaining an uncompromising sports car. In the Nissan hierarchy, the model will be located one step higher than the rear-wheel drive coupe Z.

Contrary to rumors, there are no plans to electrify the GT-R, as Nissan engineers put power at the forefront. Thus, the appearance of a sports car in Europe becomes unlikely.

Independent designers from the Autocar portal, using the words Uchida as a basis, decided to imagine how the new Nissan GT-R with the R36 index will look like. As you can see in the published render, the model will receive an angular design in the style of the Skyline R32, which was previously used in the Z Coupe project.

Recall that the current Nissan GT-R has been produced since 2007. The car was updated in 2011, and then in 2017, but the technical side of the car has not changed significantly.

In Japan, they ask for a sports car from 10 million 828 thousand 400 yen or 96 000 dollars.

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