The new Octavia will be delayed: problems with

The new Octavia will be delayed: problems with


The representatives of the Czech automotive brand has announced that the serial production of liftback/station wagon Skoda Octavia suspended for a while. Blame a software problem multimedia system of the car.

To say that Volkswagen Golf and Skoda Octavia are important cars for the German conglomerate Volkswagen AG, would be a huge understatement. These models are annually sold in huge numbers worldwide, so even the slightest problem with the manufacturing of these compact cars has serious implications for sales of the entire group VAG or Volkswagen AG.

Previously, the main brand VW stopped selling the Golf because of problems with the software, and now its Czech unit does the same thing with the model Octavia.

So what could be the problem? The faulty component of the infotainment system, which is responsible for online connection.


A Skoda spokesman said in an interview that the company “takes the same action as the brand Volkswagen for Troubleshooting”. It is not surprising that at the moment and Audi and SEAT, which are also part of Volkswagen AG, also study the possibility of the same problems in their models – the A3 hatchback and Leon, respectively.

The representative of VW said that the problem that forced the company to cease shipments of its best selling car, was discovered during quality control. It is too early to speak about that, how many vehicles can be detected by the fault. Now, the company’s specialists are working on a software update, which should appear this week June 15-21.

It is worth noting that these problems do not interfere with the production of Golf as VW continues to collect hatchback without any interruptions. These cars will get new software as soon as it is ready, after that the car will be sent to their rightful owners.

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