The new Peugeot 208: why it, not a crossover?

The new Peugeot 208: why it, not a crossover?


It would seem that crossovers have already ousted everyone and everything from the market. However, given their practicality and the number of available options, this process looks logical and predictable. However, there are still companies that do not want to completely “bend under the changing world”, but want to bend this world at least a little bit to accommodate B-class hatchecks.

Alas, from a rational point of view, B-class hatchbacks cannot compete with the same SUVs. Therefore, the manufacturers decided to bet on beauty, which, as someone says, should save the world. How well they did it, we analyze on the example of the French hatchback Peugeot 208. And at the same time we answer all questions about prices, equipment and engines for this Peugeot in the “WhatWhy” format.

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