The new Range Rover got a V8 from BMW

The new Range Rover got a V8 from BMW

The architecture of the BMW could be the basis for new SUV Jaguar, and low crossover, as well as the future compact range Rover, the new generation Evoque and Discovery Sport.

Jaguar plans to create two new small crossover to expand its family of SUVs. Innovations can be built on the platform of BMW as part of the achieved agreements between the companies.

The deal between the two automakers, which began with the joint work on the development of electric propulsion systems, also opens up the prospect of creating new Land Rover models along with the next generation recently updated Range Rover Evoque and Land Rover Discovery Sport.


Sharing engines now opened a real possibility that JLR and BMW will combine to make a much larger step: to use an advanced platform for small cars.

Pair a super fuel efficient compact SUV Jaguar – which already are in the early stages of development waiting for green light from management to start production in the middle of the next decade – can now be based on the new platform BMW FAAR. It is expected that two new models will be a small SUV and crossover-coupe of similar size, and they are likely to be called “Pace” as a part of a family of models of the company.

In addition, the Range Rover Evoque and Land Rover Discovery Sport next generation, which should appear in the second half of the next decade, would “intermarry” m MINI Countryman next-generation BMW X1.

Extension sharing platforms also opens JLR opportunity to create long-known models of the Land Rover, which will be the “Junior” in the line of the automaker and is able to revive the name Freelander.

Architecture FAAR from BMW, which debuted recently on the new BMW 1 Series have been developed for gasoline hybrid and all-electric powerplants.


Platform with a transverse engine will eventually become the basis for all models of the Bavarian company with front-wheel drive and a whole line of Mini. Its use would allow JLR to pull out of a significant financial hole caused by the lack of a modern, compact, hybrid platform for 2025 and beyond.

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