The new Range Rover will run circles around a Rolls-Royce Cullinan?

The new Range Rover will run circles around a Rolls-Royce Cullinan?


In a Network there was a computer promotional video showing the features of the new design of the flagship Range Rover, but the official debut of the SUV, the fifth generation is not expected before 2021.

The current fourth-generation Range Rover launched in 2012, and it’s clear that his career is coming to an end. However to wait for the imminent debut of the successor is not: this year the Range Rover is waiting for a next update. But the development of a brand new SUV, of course, conducted, and design, as is known, was approved at an early stage of the project, that is, in the company JLR already know exactly how it will look in the new Range Rover.

The movie, which is dedicated to note, was published on the social network Facebook, stayed there for less than a day and was deleted, however, our colleagues from the Australian magazine CarAdvice managed to make a copy and put it on his page on YouTube. It is possible that a copy will soon have to remove, so hurry to see.

Just say that the authenticity of the video, that is, its belonging to Jaguar Land Rover, is in serious doubt: it presents the 3D model looks rough, not all the details worked out, and some do so do not exist (for example, door handles and mirrors). Hence the conclusion: in front of us or very early presentation model, leaked through the fault of the irresponsible employee, or project from independent designer, after all, to fantasize about the Range Rover and any other new items coming may, in fact, anyone, as we have recently shown the example of the coupe BMW 2 Series and independent projects are more interesting factory.


That computer Range Rover has a number of interesting details. So, the rear doors are opened against the main stroke of the movement of the car as the Rolls-Royce Cullinan, while the b-pillars not (hardly it is possible to implement on a production car). The front end with vertical headlights looks very monumental, the place of the false radiator grille took the whole plate without slits, but with led strands, the hint of a fully electric powerplant?

In front of the driver flap of the hill, combined with the multimedia system screen, but the traditional canopy over him saved. On the Central tunnel is retractable washer control modes of the power installation, for it is the sunroof large box refrigerator, where vertically fit 4 water bottles. Under the front seats are trays for shoes back VIP riders. Rear sofa triple, but the middle seat deftly in transformirovalsya dividing the interior in two in the center console. At the back of the middle seat hides the coffee pot with cups. Under the boot floor is a pull-out tray to suit. Overall, a great set of gentlemen.

It is not excluded that we have before us the concept that will precede the debut production of the Range Rover, and then some applied it solutions can get to the pipeline – for example, a very elegant solution of turning triple back sofa in a double.

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