The New Rolls Royce Ghost!

The New Rolls Royce Ghost!


This is the brand new Rolls Royce Ghost. Longer than it’s predecessor which means it’s even roomier! Love the new open door feature. Thoughts guys?

there you go it’s like not today love sitting in the new rolls royce ghost what’s up it’s supergirl blondie make sure to subscribe to my channel i’ve got so many cool cool cars coming and make sure to turn on the notifications button okay go do that right now right let me show you one of the coolest features in this car it’s right here so i’m just going to open this as you do open the door and then instead of having to push it out manually you just hold on to this and it automatically opens now you might think uh okay it’s just a door opening but the cool thing is is that these doors are actually quite heavy and that’s what i was complaining about on the rolls-royce wraith that i have that every time i get out i have to actually like physically like push it over and of course you’ve got the door closed buttons here we go all right now that i’m here let me show you what it’s like sitting in the back of the new rolls royce ghost you have this beautiful embossed rr here love that and of course you have these buttons right here to be able to open this check this out boom and then with this button this will fold out you’ve got a big beautiful screen in front of you and what i absolutely love about this rolls royce in particular is this is pretty much the first time i’ve seen real wood used inside a car and actually liked the look of it i think it actually enhances the feel and the luxury of this car and that surprises me so you’ve got real wood you’ve got real metal nothing is plasticky in here it’s all real real quality right and of course you have the starlight roof which i’m going to show you guys in a sec i’m going to take this downstairs so that we can really get the full experience because this is one of my favorite favorite rolls-royce features in here let’s see what we got pull this and you have of course your refrigerator with beautiful rolls-royce crystal glasses pop that open slide that out and you are drinking champagne in the back of your rolls royce all right talking of buttons you guys i love how easy that was to open however what i found is if you want to access your umbrella which is right here you usually just press this button but oh there we go oh and you don’t want to look like that getting out of your rolls royce and it’s it’s pouring down with rain right and you’re going like this and then suddenly it pops out so i think that that could be tweaked a little bit just so that that button isn’t quite so hard to push now you’ve got these beautiful rolls-royce umbrellas and what’s really interesting is when you spec your car you can actually spec your umbrella coming out of the side of your rolls push that back in and this is how you close the door love this press and off it goes love okay now let’s check out the outside actually come around the side with me here guys this is five and a half meters that’s crazy it is super super long it’s actually longer than the last rolls royce ghost come around the front all of this is new you guys you won’t see any of this on the old ghost so all of this front is updated you’ve got the new grill here this is a beautiful chrome you’ve got chrome everywhere chrome accents chrome accents i actually really like the front of these rolls and i really love these details here with the lights i’ll show you this when we turn it on you see how it doesn’t wrap all the way across here we go nice and you can either get this in full silver or you can get it gold plated and of course aftermarket i’ve actually seen people get diamonds on their spirit of ecstasy and they’ve had to hire bodyguards to stand next to their rolls royce when they’ve parked it which is crazy but of course you wouldn’t really need to do that because you can put the spirit of ecstasy down and it can be hidden away and you also cannot steal this thing as hard as you might try it will not work there you go it’s like not today all right let’s check out the back here we are what do you guys think i mean to me it’s yeah it’s classy it’s rolls royce there’s nothing particularly in my mind that stands out i like the rear taillights i like all the different layers that are going on here in the rear taillights i mean just look at this you’ve got that textured part there then you’ve got this part coming out then you’ve got all of this reader out and then you’ve even got these parts here i actually really love all the different layers there that looks really cool push that in boom it opens and you’ve got so much space in here this is crazy this right here that’s where your fridge is so that’s nicely kind of tucked away there so that’s fine that doesn’t eat into too much boot space close that up and let’s get in the driver’s seat so i don’t have to say too much about how much i love rolls-royce and how luxe and how beautiful it is because i bought one i love it so much that i actually bought one ah and i’m loving this new front here as well it says ghost and then you’ve got lots of little star lights here that i’m gonna show you very soon downstairs you can see all of that you’ve got this i just love this one kind of big screen even though it’s broken up into different panels i love how it just runs the whole way across now the weird thing is you guys i don’t think that there is a door close button what why would i want to reach out and close the door of my rolls royce that is bizarre because of course you have closed door buttons in the back but honestly i’ve been looking no door close button maybe it’s an optional extra but i am very very put off by that that is one of my other favorite rolls-royce features is the door close button the starlight roof but i can’t find it in the front which is very bizarre so i’ve got to pull this in here you’ve got a little panel that runs across the top if you have to close the door yourself i suppose this is quite a nice way to close it you’ve still got your little dial here that’s how you control this display otherwise you can press on it if you like as well so it’s touch screen or you can do it just from this style you’ve got this little panel here that closes off or you can open that chuck your mobile phone in there which is quite nice and then open that up you’ve got a little port here to charge which is great the other thing is a steering wheel they are usually a very big just like big dinner plates this actually feels to me as if it might be a bit smaller i don’t know whether that’s in styling and design that it just feels smaller or if it is actually smaller but i like the way that this looks and this feels the start stop button is just over here you guys just on the left of the steering wheel oh it was already on that’s the thing about the rolls royce guys i thought i was starting it up it was already on that’s what i’m talking about this car is so quiet so beautifully insulated from sound that i actually wanted to turn it on and it was already on so let’s turn her on again here we go there we go and it’s on they’ve actually put a hundred kilos of sound proofing into this car can you just imagine that 100 kilos and it even includes soundproofing in the tires let’s go for a drive did you see the rear wheel steering just come down to the garage so you can show you this beautiful starlight roof this is one of my favorite features in the rolls royce and this one actually has shooting stars so you just gotta wait and then suddenly you’ll see a shooting star across uh across the sky which is so cool but when you’re in the driver’s seat you can’t appreciate it because you can’t really see it i’d love it if they kind of incorporated more of the starlight roof around here so as a driver you can really appreciate that beauty and then this here you guys look at this how this shines up the ghost and all the little stars here on that section of the car as well this is beautiful this has a 6.75 litre twin turbo v12 pumps out about 530 horsepower now in comparison my rolls-royce wraith black badge has about 100 horsepower more than this one so it is not the most powerful however it is enough power to really go when you need to i love that rolls royces they’re so heavy but when you really need to go it’s like all right i’m here i’m here tell me tell me what you want the only thing that i don’t like about the rolls-royce driving experience is when you brake you feel the weight of the car being thrown forward it’s like whoa wait up for me so this just feels like your average rolls-royce drive i know i shouldn’t say that it’s a ridiculous thing to say there’s nothing average about driving a rolls royce but this is what you come to expect you get in it feels like you’re driving on a cloud it feels very luxe you can’t hear anything outside and it’s got a lot of power and you just sit back and you enjoy and you relax and what’s also cool is there’s a little camera right here on the windscreen it faces outwards and what it does is it actually looks for bumps in the road coming up and it prepares the suspension so that you won’t feel that bump as you go over it actually ran over my red bull here with the rolls royce and i didn’t even feel it it’s actually smashed when i pulled out of the parking space i can’t believe that i literally heard nothing i felt nothing normally if you would run over a full can of something you would hear a smash and a little bit of a bump nothing and that’s what i love about rolls royce and that is the new rolls-royce ghost what do you guys reckon of course i love it massive fan what do you think pop your comments in the comment section down below i hope you enjoyed the vid and i think i’m out bye guys love you you

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